August 29, 2011

Mayo Chiki Episode 08, Usami-chan baths!

Ah, how frustrated I was when episode 08 rolled around, and I never got to see Usami-chan bathing. Well, with my overflowing ero-power, I made Usami-chan bath.

August 24, 2011

Q and A with mangatron: Aug 24th, 2011

Q & A with the mangatron is a public service announcement by the mangatron concerning weird things he silently does (usually with his blog). As always, as a wall of text deterrent, this is done interview style, so if you see a question that relates to you, you can simply read that part instead of the entire post :D

Over the past few weeks (perhaps since the start of August) I've had some strange things going on, and with the silence of my personal blog, it only looks even weirder. In this post I will answer questions that surely have arisen in your minds at some point.

August 23, 2011

That Suzutsuki Kanade pillow cover...

 Yeah, that pillow cover I posted about before, here it is in unsampled form:

Ah, this time I didn't waste a full 5 hour non-stop session for this. Instead, I tried to go for "whenever-I-have-free-time", and unlike my previous photoshop job, I tried to do a minimal amount of brush strokes, and instead single click most of the edited parts (seriously). Like, seriously? Really? It looks really funny:

I wish Photoshop can record your stats like how many times you click in the program, or tool usage ratio's (does it? ~__~), but it didn't turn out too bad, eh? Granted, the resolution is much too small for it to be fun, but hey, at least those SAMPLE's are out of the way :D

August 22, 2011

RE: the controversy, Ro-Kyu-Bu's ep 04 "I'll do anything!"

So that part in ep 04, when Tomoka told Subaru she'll do anything, I think this is what happened afterwards:

Why does she have to learn from him...

I would rather learn from Miho-neechan anytime :D


August 17, 2011

Mayo Chiki episode 07 continues...


I'm sorry Kanadack! *get's crumpled under Kanade's feet*

You know, I had an idea to give poor Kureha some boobies. Yeah, that scene in ep 03 when we first see her in her swimsuit. I HAD THE IDEA. Not saying I'm going to do it lol...

August 9, 2011

Suzutsuki Kanade Pillow cover

I have this great idea. I would spill some milk all over those exact same spots on the pillow, and then lick it. LICK IT ALL OVER.

She's 9,240 Yen, apparently arriving September 15th.

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Usami madness

 You know, I kinda like this wallpaper. Everytime I be working away on my lappy, I'll always get the feeling I'm going to get my butt kicked if I don't work hard enough XD

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