June 29, 2011

RE the Controversy, Dog Days TRUE ending cont'

Little rant: bloody hell connection what's the matter with you lousy freakin broadband took me 1 bloody hour to upload these I hope you freakin company get bought by Chinese oil conglomerates /rant

Ahem, I need to stop with these photoshops that break poor Milli's heart. I'm sorry Millimeter! Don't cry! XD

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June 28, 2011

Deep Striker: Dog Days theories and speculation

Deep Striker is a deep look into a series, usually done in more words than it looks. Dog Days is dissected of it's most critically unanswered questions, or vaguely answered questions thereof.

Dog Days has proven to have a great cast, but quite a bit of a weak way they were handled. A lot of that has to do with the plot, and how exactly are we supposed to be satisfied if the explanations were all so simply a convenient setup? This is my view on Flonyard, not as a fanfic idea, but utilizing the creative prowess of my brain, an explanation as if I were the creator of Dog Days. Purely my opinion, unofficially sensible. Theory and speculation.

RE the controversy, Dog Days again?

I just can't stop with these photoshops, huh? I would so like to see this happen, when Millimeter is in such a rage, she goes all the way to Earth, and pulls Sink by the ear telling him how "everyone" back in Flonyard would just love to see him XD

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RE: the controversy, Dog Days ep 13 TRUE Ending ver

That my friends, is the true ending of Dog Days. End of discussion,
wrap it like a mummy, shove it into a sarcophagus, throw it in the
museum, turn out the lights because what's done is done, so Becky FTW!
Heil Becky, oh user of the twintails, how I long to pet your tails the
way Naoya did to Lotte in Astarotte's Toy episode 12 XD

June 23, 2011

Storm-front = no daily blogging

Well, a storm recently rolled into the Philippines over the weekend,
right when I thought daily blogging was a possibility. The reason why
my connection is extremely crappy is the technical mumbo jumbo related
to 3G signals and atmospherical conditions. It's a bit complicated to
explain, and not really something I feel like doing, but it basically
boils down to 'perfect weather = good connection' and 'bad weather =
spotty connection'. I miss Germany already.

June 18, 2011

Young Justice Episode 10

Some of the new changes to my blogging, due to the retirement of my personal blog I'll be posting about things like this too, not just Anime and Manga. 

 I gotta say, Wendy looks cute. It's really just one of those rare cases where I got this hot feeling in my heart for a girl like her. Can I hope for more school life in my superhero cartoon? :D

June 16, 2011

RE: the controversy, Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi ep 10

There's no need to explain this, right? That's just how bad I felt for
Madoka, rule #1 for guys is you never make a girl cry... even if she
made the mistake of saying "friends" instead of "lovers" when they
made the childhood promise. *runs*

June 15, 2011

Dog Days Episode 11

Since I seem to have failed again to blog every episode of a season, I figured the best solution to a timestrapped personage like me is to post what I post at Animesuki...

 I see London, I see France, I-.... never mind

Hahaha HA, episode 11! But it's all over a bit too quick! While I was right that Yukikaze and Brioche were right down there waiting for it, I still think the whole evil sword thing is resolved without much of an explanation. Like, who built it (Biscuitti Factories?), where'd it come from (summoned from another world?), and why wasn't it a giant octopus instead of a sword, at least those magic tentacles would have made more sense tantalizing the girls of Flonyard.

RE: the controversy, Dog Days Episode 11

A part of the new changes coming to my blog, is the return of my tagline "RE: the controversy" that I had back in 2006, this time regarding any form of 4koma I think up, whether drawn by me or screencapped.

The meaning of "RE: the controversy" is about the thought provoking things I come across in Anime and Manga, things that have an amusing spin to them, such as the Dai Maou 4koma I did about Etou Fujiko and her missed opportunity to control Akuto. For this 4koma, the thought I had in my mind when I watched episode 11 was about panel 2, where it looks like Millimeter is holding the baby fox a little too tightly, especially since it's kinda wounded and all. So when Yukikaze held him, I was imagining myself as that baby fox, with Yuki's soft big ones ever so softly on the back of my head XD Of course, the joke works best if you know those lyrics to that song.

Doesn't the baby fox look so cute being held like that? lol

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June 11, 2011

Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi Episode 09: best ep yet

What the heck?!? How could someone watch an ep like that? I am enraged LOL

Disclaimer: some of that was not originally censored.

Personal disclaimer: the mangatron was conflicted censoring the
zombie's butt. On the one hand, he wanted to cover it up, on the other
hand, he did not want to see that XD

June 3, 2011

Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi episode 08: I like them butts and I cannot lie

Seriously, this was a bootylicious episode. Not mentioning the high
amount of camera pans for a beach ep I've seen in recent years, this
episode was great.... except for the freaking zombie. Honestly, Ayumu
is ruining everything you thought about a harem series. He is
effectively the butt end of Daigo's fantasies, from cosplay to day
dreams. And the zombie is popular with the girls, probably more so
than Kazuma is. Or at least, the zombie has the better part of the
cast of girls. In previous eps we see he's the object of affection of
MY Hina, and now we see he's captured Tsumugi (in Daigo's dream), but
even more so now the zombie knows Tsumugi's (secret heh). Let's not
forget he's got his own personal escort in Kasane-chan lol.