February 29, 2012

So where have I been the past few days...

First let's go back almost 6 years ago. And then the present time. It's no longer tendonitis, my arm was as close to falling off now if it weren't for my skin holding it together.

Over the past weekend, I experienced severe neck pain, apparently I had nightmares about my work, causing me to move a lot while I was sleeping, when I unfortunately suddenly woke up on my right side, the broken shoulder side. The tendonitis side, which, why I never pushed to confirm that and x-ray it, just please don't ask, but it looks like a complete breakdown of my shoulder joint, as yesterday I was literally playing with my ball socket in my shoulder, ugh the popping noises, the way I am able to bend my arm irregularly... I don't want to talk about it anymore, but as you can see, it shut me down those long 6 years ago, and it's happening again.

February 17, 2012

RE: the controversy tackles Guilty Crown....again

It might help to see this one first for the joke to really hit home

The series remains funny as always:

Big shout out to you mini mkv uploaders, that is, those of you who soft sub these. You know who you are ;)