December 20, 2011

Is this a coincidence, deja vu or...?

 What do these 3 have in common? A lot more than you think ;)

First of all, I hate coincidence. Second of all, irony always likes to bite me in the grass. Third.... I know I did not see this coming, but it sure is (creepy?) hilarious. Let's look into it.

December 17, 2011

The return of the real RE:the controversy; Guilty Crown Ep 10

Yup, I love this series. It's so funny, actually. Here, like this:

Ah, a little after thought:


Playing today's Anime on a low-end Windows Laptop

Original unedited screen capture
 Whoa, isn't that pixelized. How do we fix that? Read on to find out!

Having recently helped a fellow Animesuki Forum member regarding playback of today's anime with a low end laptop, I figured it's time I shared the setup. First, we'll need a few things here. Note that I'm currently on XP so chances are everything might not go the same way, but I did these exact same things on Win7 when I used it so I'm sure it'll work with OS's higher than XP. A 64Bit OS might not work at all, unless the 32Bit versions of these files are used. I should also mention that if you have any codec packs installed, you'll need to remove those. Personally I was never fond of those.

December 6, 2011

Hi-Res Infinite Stratos OVA preview

Click images for 720p sizes
Houki taking a bath! Looks like I need a bath too! *strips and pounces on Houki*

December 3, 2011

Q & A with mangatron: Big ones, Small ones, and any in-between?

The post title is a joke from the Full Metal Panic manga, specifically the second one. I believe its volume 03, when Sousuke worked in a video rental store. I bought that manga in a US Army base bookstore back in 2006 when I returned to Germany, hence why it's rather special to me. Except for the part where I left it in Germany.

If you read my last post, you'll find I'm in favor of small, sporadic posts instead of once-a-blue-moon big posts, and to continue that, there are much questions going about that my PM inbox at the Animesuki forums cannot contain. Seriously, I have to empty that almost twice a season XD So today I'm going to tackle a question that has arisen a number of times the past 3 seasons: Who is that girl in your avatar?

Q: Okay, it's been going on for awhile, but why the bouncy avatars?

November 30, 2011

A little update

Usami finally reveals her pantsu in the disc release for Mayo Chiki!

I think I've been here before. The part where I thought small, quick posts were a lot better than dead silence. And that's why I'm writing this post on the last day of November to inform those 600+ readers that have come by the past several weeks. First off, November has been a very unhealthy month for me. You might recall that Charlotte Dunois photoshop in the early weeks of this month. That job cost me in several ways, including days of writhing pain in my right wrist, which led to me frequently using a cast/splint more often, as well as repairing my Trackball mouse I half destroyed almost a year ago for use once again, and completely ditching the conventional mouse altogether. Ah, both good things and bad things never happen by themselves, and not long afterwards, real life comes back into my life, and that's where we're at the final weeks of November, where that second-hand smoke incident earlier in the year happened again (old man neighbor continues to smoke despite suggestions he stop), resulting in the past 5 days with me continuously inhaling menthol 24/7, something one might also know as aromatherapy.

I've had free time to watch about half my Fall 2011 Anime list, why not the rest of that on forums and my blog and what not? I do also participate in XDA-developers ROM cooking duties, and this is the main part of my update that I felt should be shared. My time on XDA-devs is important, and not just for me, for others too who depend on the skills I utilize as a ROM Chef. Why not share that knowledge so others can take up the slack? Sure, I did, my work has brought in 2 Chef's, but those ended up being basic ROMs, with bugs no less, and it ends up as there's something only I can do, which for some reason no one else does, and instead they look to me, the godfather of this line of phones. You know that feeling you get when you have a good idea, and try to do it?

I never try to think about what to do if I fail, but this is one of those many situations where I also cared not to think of the consequences of when I succeeded, and the impending expectations others place on you. But with blog post drafts piling up, time does not smile upon me, and if my health gets the better of me, my time may run out before I know it.

The broadcast of Mayo Chiki episode 05, where the chicken's head conveniently covers what HAS to be seen XD

November 17, 2011

Something hilarious for now

As my health and real life take a toll on me, I was trying to work on that tutorial I promised for the Shirley edit. Since photoshop happened to be open, I decided to do something quick and cheap to reinforce a joke (I am about to make) @ Animesuki:
Naked Apron MATSY!!!!!!! Awhooo

 Why is it quick and cheap, even though it looks so good? Because I am employing the Eye Deception rule, by making the above image smaller to compensate for lower details. Here's how it looks originally:

Click for larger image

I will not pursue this photoshop job merely for the fact that my life is taxed at the moment....

November 5, 2011

Shirley takes a bath

Uh.... it's a habit, ja. I call her Shirley, we had fun in the bath, and I took a photo to commemorate our first shower together.

High res coming up, which will be wordpressed. I do intend to post a tutorial on how you too can take a bath with Shirley..... wait, maybe I won't. Shirley all for me!

EDIT: Okay, it's up!

October 31, 2011

The first of several changes.

What a strange month of October. Bad health, self-inflicted partition errors, Qaddafi bites the dust, not to mention I am so in love with the Fall 2011 anime season. But, this post was meant to be a minor update on one of the changes to my blog, and I'd like to announce the new plan in regards to posting certain things: Wordpress will be the more extremely perverted side of things. A lot of this mostly revolves around stuff relating to 18+ stuff that's not appropriate for my blog here, which I want to avoid the Adult content rating as much as possible for Blogger. According to my observations of Wordpress-based hentai doujin scanlator teams, it seems one does not need to engage in that extra step of "you are about to enter a mature site" thing Blogger has, supposing you do make an 18+ blog.

I know it seems like a weird decision, but consider this an evaluation for myself: can I completely move to Wordpress, or can I not live without Blogger? I have a lot of fun memories here, while Wordpress.... looks awfully plain. Maybe that's where its strength lies...

Anyways, visit the Majikoi episode 02 uncensored pic above over at the wordpress post!

October 28, 2011

RE: the controversy, Unbalanced x2 Chapter 81

Don't ask, just read. Trust me, if you read Unbalance x2, this is one you don't want to miss. A warning, you might need to put your drink down and not eat anything before proceeding:

October 27, 2011

Fear sucks.

No, not the negative meaning... I mean literally XD

I figured while I'm finalizing my blog changes, why not have a laugh:



(This may actually be my first animated photoshop job. Granted I only edited 1 frame.... but I always worked on a standalone version.)

October 18, 2011

Mashiro-iro Symphony episode 01

She's happy about something. Well it can't be because she's lost... but wait, she's happy that her oniichan can find her anytime, anywhere. So... AKA she's happy to get lost? :P

My Fall 2011 lineup seems to be full of surprises. To me anyways, as... I basically had prior knowledge of only 3 series for Fall (that is not a sequel), so I consider this season so much more enjoyable due to the way I anticipate new episodes with much fervor.

Ben-to episode 01

One look at this photo, and the average viewer nowadays screams "Harem!". So sad. First of all, the loli clearly loves her meatball, the blonde with big ones is simply trying to give a face massage to the guy with her boobies, the silver haired beauty is posing for a gravure shoot, and the 2 girls on the right are so in their own little world... all of this on a single serving of food.

Ah, Bento. I don't think I've ever eaten such a thing before... if it was an already prepared food, it'd be from the Deli (not necessarily already packed for you.). That is somewhat the main reason why I just didn't know how a series would be like for these characters to fight over food, but then again, this is Japan, and Bento's are a regular item in stores.

October 8, 2011

Kyoukai Senjou No Horizontal episode 01: nice hairdo!

I just wonder, is my country's language really that good for magic attacks?

Throw this in with one of those that I knew absolutely nothing of prior to airtime. In fact, that Fall 2011 Anime Chart didn't help with it's picture of choice.

Thanks to CrowKenobi, mod extraordinaire at Animesuki, I saw the magazine scans and fell in love with Kimi-chan this series. Though my less than noble reasons are laughable, this episode was quite a fun enough ride that I ended up falling in love with a girl I hadn't seen before (but heard a lot of years ago).

Where's the nose?

First of all, Sensei (Makiko-chan!). Honestly I think she was nicely animated throughout the ep, and she got nice curves too :D As I mentioned earlier her voice was instantly recognizable, which I became a fan of after Mahoraba finished its run. Not to mention she tied her hair into a nice tail there (although I cringed when she cut pieces off lol). Not to mention she knows her stuff and seems smart, definitely my goddess.


Ahem to the actual episode, while I do find it funny that reactions across the web are very much mixed, I guess it is justifiable for first timers who didn't read accompanying descriptions that should have been included wherever the heck they downloaded it from. I honestly understood what I was getting into by reading what was described as a "dictionary sized synopsis", not to mention I hadn't known this was a novel or a manga or a game even, I really thought this was Sunrise pulling something out of their hat. But what's the surprise, novels seem like the new adapation nowadays. Not that I have a problem with that, as I don't read novels, so that gives me a rather fresh anime experience.

I swear she's got rocket boosters in that hair.

Now about the actual ep, I really like the action, if merely because it was centered around Sensei, but it did well enough in my opinion to keep me glued. Of course my bias is due to my enjoyment of the girls in bodysuits, but that's to be expected.

And that grin :)

The other nose-less anime (Code-E) I thought of. The reason why this came to mind was that this aired when my translator days were winding down, and a fellow fansubber I know worked on this series.

And the gifs:

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 01 avatar gifs

And that blog-specific episode opinions will go up sometime later...

Neighbor's Club group icon poll results

And the winner is....
# 4

Fun fact: I must be the biggest pervert of Animesuki, having been the only vote for #7. Really guys, not enough skin? :P

Anyways, not a bad start to our first Neighborly activity, eh?

Poll results. I know we do have more than 12 members....

October 5, 2011

C3 episode 01: C3 P.O?

Aside from the Allspark, can someone remind where have I seen a box with a red eye on it before?

I guess that's why it wasn't named Cursed X3. There's only 3 C's on there. But only one of them to Fear. There's nothing to fear.... but Fear itself (or in this case herself). Cool tagline, ja? :P

Going into the Fall 2011 Anime season, this is one of the series I had no prior knowledge about. So I hear this is a novel, like a number of other stuff this season. Man, I missed the days when games and eroge were adapted like crazy. Don't tell me that market fell by the wayside...

She looks like she's in jail. No wonder why she walked out.

Ahem anyways, back to the house which looks like a contender for Extreme Home Makeover after what this Fear did to it, I say this episode started rather well. It didn't start with a monologue'ish speech by the male protagonist about how his life has been or how dull it can ever be. I say the  focus of mystery was centered right there on the Allspark Thwomp block he just received.

Vacuum Cleaner Dancing. Girls, to us guys you aren't a chore machine anymore, you're an exotic dancer with a vacuum!

The rest of, or most of the episode shows us Fear-chan's fearless walk into town, and the eventual home makeover. Such a small girl using a lot of force on her actions, I suddenly grabbed my balls with a grimace on my face at the thought of a hentai doujin for this series XD I gotta say I enjoyed this episode, even though I saw most of only 1 girl, as knowing me, I do prefer if there's another girl or two :P

Personally I'm of the opinion that the OP should have been full of shimapanchira dancing like this shot. *ahem* *cough*

As the promotional material goes, you see 3 girls on the posters and such, but episode 01 showed us 2 of them, so hopefully MY PONYTAIL shows up soon, or else I'm going to laugh a laugh of a thousand men if she arrives in episode 05. Seriously, why is fate so cruel to me?

Next ep already shows something serious may be going down. Seriously, ironic that I was finishing up Front Mission recently, I tell you that woman got a Dasler Claw XD

Some avatars I thought of doing in the meantime.

October 3, 2011

Ani Site update: Oct 3, 2011

Dog Day's Season 2

See that October 2nd date? lol....

Well, in case you missed it, Dog Days get's a Season 2. What surprises me most of all was that I saw it coming almost 3 weeks ago and just let it slide (of course you saw 2 days later my connection was at its most crappiest and my health took a dive that weekend). As an observer, I am most ashamed.

My Dog Days image folder. You can see at that time I was raiding the site of it's chibi images (which is great stuff btw, if only it wasn't SAMPLED)

Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I was looking through the main website for the TV adapation of Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and I saw that above pic. Of course it drew my attention :P but it was mostly Sena's legs sitting posture that amused me. She brought her knees up on her chair, which according to my astute observations, this is common among girls who are either insecure or absorbed into their current activity. Great use of characterization of the artist in regards to Sena's personality :)

Hidan No Aria

I was perusifying some online stores to see what I missed (no enlarged pic yet of Kanade's dakimakura?), and I saw the HnA merchandise. I bring this up because seriously, I didn't know Battle Mode Jeanne looked so good :D

It's not my fault she had very little screentime in that episode, not to mention underground in a poorly lit environment :P

Group Image icon poll for the Neighbor's Club over at Animesuki

So, in connection with the Neighbor's Club over at Animesuki, this is where you vote for the group image icon. Now I know it looks somewhat of a low selection, and that's mostly because I do not want a single character in the group icon, as I prefer it as 2 or more to give a "series" feel instead of a focus on a dedicated character.

Of course, this is me and my otherwise lame connection, so chances are you have something better. Now I would say go ahead and upload an icon of 200x180 pixels, but that would mean either posting that here in comments or over at the Group Discussion for the Group Icon Vote. I of course cannot add them to polls, so think of this as, both poll results and judging by the number of posts/comments for a user-submitted Icon image. Let's begin!

What shall be our new Group Icon picture?
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