April 28, 2011

Dog Days episode 01

I think the animation art would have been twice more expensive if done like this.

Spring 2011 is one of the seasons of Anime series' where I don't have advance knowledge of a series before airtime. Except for the obvious original series here and there, Spring has several series I knew nothing about before their announcement, and Dog Days (hereby nickname D-Days) is one of them.

Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox episode 01

Boobies! Pretty legs! Multiple colors! And... my Javascript was turned off.

I'm going to be frank here, my knowledge of Japanese history is just as bad as.... well what the heck, I hail from Germany, and while I can recite the whole WWII whermacht campaign with an average amount of detail, I have to admit my knowledge of Japanese history is being polluted by Anime with Female-of-a-male historic characters. Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox is one of those Anime, and I'll admit I don't mind going back to school if it's to learn about these girls :P Especially when this series is largely devoid of males (if only it weren't for the modern day scenes!).

April 14, 2011

Deep Striker: in depth look into Houki and Ichika's relationship in the Infinite Stratos Anime

Deep Striker is a deep look into a series, usually done in more words than it looks. Houki and Ichika's relationship is dived into this part 1 of the "I love Houki" series of editorials from The mangatron.

This post is available for down in: TXT MS WORD PDF

(Do NOTE that this is the longest editorial that I have ever typed, it is also the most informative, and it is very lengthy as it is preferred for one to read along as they watch the entire 12 episodes (though if you remember much of it, you won't have to re-watch). This should be read while one is at leisure, and not while one is in a foul mood, just got out of traffic after a long day at work, it should not be read while on the bus or while in the john, and while it is preferred, you don't have to watch the entire series again but it does help, and rest assured, despite being a Houki fan, this editorial pulls facts and descriptive explanations of what was seen and heard throughout the series' run. The mangatron tries his best to note what is personal opinion and what is Anime fact, as the mangatron has covered the entire 12 episodes and explained as much as he could in detail. Do try to keep an open mind, and remember, this is an offshoot of The mangatron's Final Approach, in that this Infinite Stratos editorial is not personal rambling, but rather an entire series review, episode by episode. Think of it as the mangatron reviewing each ep, but instead, reviewing the Houki and Ichi moments of each ep.)

April 11, 2011

Shirley wallpaper...

What the heck.... sorry lol. I find it odd trying my hand at making a wallpaper out of Shirley, as a Houki fan. Hmm the world is round. Took a little over 30 minutes because miko Shirley was a pain to work on. I should note that I am not the original artist, and if the above pic is squished, here be the imageshack link: http://img860.imageshack.us/i/shirleyclones.jpg/

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