April 18, 2012

One week after

Today is the seventh day since my eye got hurt, and I've got bad news: it's not any better than then. My left eye is still blurry and I have extreme difficulty getting it to focus. When I try as hard as I can to actually focus on something, I can't help but blink, and all focus is lost again. And since I blink like any other normal human, I can't focus at all. I know that can't be right because if I just use my right eye, it can focus normally and re-focus properly after I blink. Everything I look at is a little blurry, and no matter what text size I look at, it always looks the same way: like a little blur around the edges.

Even using corrective lens', my left eye cannot focus. Now I am at aloss as to what to do. I don't want to go see a doctor because I'm very not fond of hospitals, and my own analysis shows that my pupil looks the same as my right, it reacts the same way to light, so the only thing I can think of is that my nerves must have been shocked from the intense pain I felt when the glue hit. Which of course would lead to eye surgery and that's just something I don't want to take a risk on (again, I have personal reasons why I avoid surgery options).

I can still see though, it's just a little blurry. I also can use my right eye to compensate, but lately I've been feeling it get tired a lot sooner than it used to (it was not my superior eye before, so I made no effort to perfect it). One other thing that's difficult, is that because it is not my superior eye, if I were to use it by itself, anything I see actually appears a little to the left than how it originally apears (for example, if I try to stand on a line on the street, I actually stood to the right of the line instead of on top of it). Teaming this poorly aligned eye with my blurry left eye is all the wrong combos I can think of.

The only thing I'm thinking of right now is that I have to get backto photoshop. I left a long trail of unfinished business and if I have to use just one eye, I'm going to. I can't let this keep me down. I still have my wacky mind, and while still believe my eyes are my greatest asset, by themselves they don't make me who I am. And who I am, I am a person who does not give up.

April 14, 2012

How do I start this...

In case some of you saw zilch of me the past week, I am currently recovering from a damaged eye from (wait for it): a defective pack of super glue. Now before you guys laugh at the deja vu of a holy bukkake, this is actually quite serious. The super glue exploded to more than just my eye, it affected my eye lid, and has caused me to lose 1/3rd of my eyebrow, half my eye lashes, and 1/3rd of the left side of my mustache. While I can simply grow back my facial hair, my biggest concern is my left eye, my superior eye, which is currently reduced to a blurry mess. A real blurry mess. As you can imagine done things with one eye is extremely difficult, and you can tell right now I am having a very tough time enjoying anything right now, and considering my two most enjoyable forms of entertainment (manga and anime) involves the use of ones eyes, well, it isn't fun anymore.

And I've tried too. I tried the latest ep of Aquarion with only one eye, and I don't know if it's because of Kagura or the fact my Mixy got manhandled by that doggy, but it was a painful viewing experience. So I thought maybe it was too much action, maybe some manga would help. I tried to use both of my eyes and have my right eye compensate heavily for my left eyes blurryness, and it was actually hilarious. What looks like a Quadruple Accel to normal readers looked like a Hexccel to me, and I saw a lot more Charles-chan than I think there was. Speaking of that, I didn't know "Charles" can be a girls name too...

Anyways, that's what it is right now. I have no idea when this will heal, if it will ever go back to normal, or if I can actually post properly anywhere. This blog post was filled with typos, I had to rely on the red lines I see to correct whatever I did wrong. I'm still not sure of that, but as it stands, I won't be touching Photoshop anytime soon, but I won't give up anime and manga and I will be using the rest of my strength to enjoy those two like I have been. It's painful yes, I never knew my eye could burn so much without a single flame in sight, but the thought of dropping those two horrifies me more than the current eyepatch that I have to keep handy in case my eye tells me it's too much. I am not giving up. Do I regret not wearing my glasses the moment that super glue burned my eye? Yes, I regret it heavily. But I know I would regret it even more if I let this current season of anime pass me by all because of a silly mistake I did.

April 11, 2012