October 25, 2007

Here the heck I am again lol

Well. Here I am. Last time anyone heard from me I was in Germany, working on a fansub job when I suddenly had to stop that job before I got 5 minutes into it. And for a good reason too. Now, I am in the Philippines. Yes, you heard me right. After apologizing for not being able to do my part with my last fansub job, I had traveled 22,000+ Kilometers in the last two weeks of stopping the fansub job. If I hadn’t stopped that translation, I would have been in the deepest pile of trash I would have ever been in my life. So, once again, sorry Aquastar for not being able to do the job you asked me to, but I had to in order to end up where I’m at now. In the Philippines. In a foreign country. Using an internet connection I have to pay for in this 26 floor hotel lawl. But, as I’m timed on this connection I’ll just be blunt with what I have to say.

That picture I mentioned whee months ago. That picture has been untouched until now. Now, I present to you what I should have many months ago.

First, we have this picture.
No, I didn't make that picture, I just wanted you to see it lol. Next we have:
Ah, what the hell. What happens when we merge those pics is we have this:

From Blog posts

That's right, I made a Lord of War poster type of image of Tama-nee. Don't ask why it took me this long to upload it, but just think about those dmn 22K Kilometers I traveled and there you have it. So yeah, go spread this pic wherever you internetters post pics and show the world what a busy azz like me can do with a picture of the girl I love. Wait, that sounded wrong lol....

More info on life the next time I use the net lol

September 12, 2007

I'm alive!

And you probably won't believe what has reawakened this doused fire within me. Or, you can take one stupified silly guess and blurt out "Lolitron!!!" lol

Stay tuned, I am about to go car-razy.

June 22, 2007

Health problems again, less eating, etc

I'd feel like a zombie by now. I swear the past 1-2 weeks I'd only have put about 1 meal's worth of food in my stomach. So let's say, a normal human being has 3 meals a day, right? For 7 days = 21 meals, 14 days = 42 meals. And yet here I am at 14+ days = 1 meal. Ouch. No wonder why I feel weak. Not getting enough nutrients. Which, probably has an effect on how much anime I watch. Can barely laugh during those good times as it is. Which has also affected my work performance, I don't even remember the last time I opened Photoshop. And yes, I still have to release that oh-so-special picture I finished 2 months ago. Why am I even holding onto it....

And, a rather disturbing update. It appears blog readers prefer I watch MSLN StrikerS. Why, may I ask? Is it because of that "loli" option that was in the vote options? >_>

I swear the next person who calls me lolitron will......will get $10 dollars from me via Paypal! [insert AnimesukiForums :heh: emote here]


June 8, 2007

ChevyAutobot game, Transformers, etc....

Ah, so many things to do and so little time? How do I end up in that situation?

Got the top spot back at the ChevyAutobot.com game, and doesn't look like I'll hold it if that POPUPimous Prime keeps accepting new user challenges. A person in contact with 2advanced.com told me email verification is not in play. Hmmm..... and I'm the one who's been playing that game since it opened to the public.

A copy of my ChevyAutobot stats are at the left sidebar in the Gaming links area.

June 2, 2007

Here I was not am there!

Ah, having traveled up north here in Germany, I'm now staying at my Uncle's place temporarily, with my return to the U.S.A. presumebly after this. Now, a couple of things I wanted to update with. Firstly, I know that this picture (bottom of the post) needs to see the light of day, but I'm waiting for the right time to reveal it since I myself am getting restless when it comes to that picture lol. Next, while I'm here at my uncle's house many things can happen like a rabbit nesting on me to a cat messing with me, so I'll be sure to blog those over at my personal blog.

So enough about Germany and on with the updates. Of course you may have heard that my cousin is a young small girl, so while she has easy access to my sleeping quarters I don't think my Dollwizard family will be updated yet. I must do my part in keeping her delicate mind free and clear of any disturbances this world emanates lol. Next up, I am so way behind on the anime of this current season, I was only able to acquire the Lovely Complex eps up to 6, MSLN StrikerS up to...7 or 6, and Sola up to ep 7. Man, I seriously don't think I'm up for watching those now either unless I Ipod them. Next update, my newest addition to the right sidebar, you may have noticed, is my Fansub status indicator. Now, it's not very high tech, in fact, it's a simple pathetic RSS feeder thingamajigen that updates itself off my Fansub blog. Now, you're probably wondering why don't I just blog the updates here? Well, the whole point of me creating another blog and having the RSS feeder eat it is that so I can utilize the "E-mail to blog" posting ability and blog using my PDA. As in, just email it to my fansub blog and the post will show up on the RSS eater, so you can click the link and eat my post. Yeah....uhm, weird eating aside, I aim to be more active with my blog here and my personal blog, and I do have alot of pictures for everyone.

Last bit, I have a couple of polls for everyone. First poll is about Adbux.org. Now, I know earning money online has never been a steady thing these past 5 years, and there is always bound to be a scammer amongst us. So, my question is is Adbux.org a valid, paying organization determined to rule the....yeah, you know. Ahem, yeah, my question. Uh, if you want to know, I have more than 6 dollars in there, $4 more till payout, so if anyone wants me to answer the question you can just sign up here and click whenever you feel like it, the sooner I reach payout the sooner I can know for sure whether or not Adbux is a waste of time. Now, here's the fun part: I never really intended to keep the money anyways, so if you sign up under me I'll put your name on this list I've been compiling and hold a contest, with the prize of course the payout from Adbux (if they pay). I do prefer you sign up with a name I'm familiar seeing (like one you use in a forum or on IRC)

Next poll is about my anime viewing Queue. As you may have noted MSLN, LovelyCon and Sola make up the bulk of my viewing, but I don't know which one to watch in what order. So I'm wondering what's your input as to which one is a "must watch" or what. Although I've always liked LovelyCon, it even featured a parody of House of Pain and their Jump Around song (episode 2), much to my amusement while reading the LovelyCon manga the House of Pain parodiest, UmiBouzo, is in fact a name parody of the Beach Boys.

Does Adbux.org pay up?
Yes! Give me the money. My Paypal email is....
No! They originated from Egypt using a Pyramid Scheme!
Never heard of it. I'm like a caveman, shut out from the world.
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Which shows should mangatron make his top priority to view?
Lovely Complex. Tall girl eats little guy. Great stuff.
Sola. Missing an "r", but hey, that's anime. And it has pretty girls.
MSLN StrikerS. Aren't you a lolicon, mangatron? Surely you jest.
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Of course, as always you can vote everyday and polls are multiple choice. Not that you can't make up your mind....

Next blog posts should be about more crazy stuff, like....I noticed a picture of a real life, popular person who looks just like Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex).

May 5, 2007

April 18th, 2007....May 4th....

...Apr 18th was the last time I posted. And no, this May 04 (GMT+8) post had nothing to do with Spiderman 3 lol. I had originally planned a mass blog posting, but what do you know. The new anime season is like....clogging up my cue. I had planned to blog series like Lovely Complex, Sola, Hayate No Gotoku, etc but immediately following my announcement, I got hit with a new project to work on. And what luck, my project involved the likes of Photoshop, so away I went dwibling on PS on my free time (since closing Photoshop is like, useless right?) Might as well keep the program open lol, so here I go.

There were actually two pictures I was 'shopping, but this one was a 25 minute, what I call "cheat job" attempt I actually laughed the entire time while 'shopping this. Yeah, me laughing. Rare, considering the health issues I'm going through (I actually smoked again! And darn my eating disorder is arising again.) But enough about me and on with the pic:

The girl is from Tenga Toppa Gurren-Lagann, theme is "Optimus Prime Flames". I swear the Transformers G1 purist's/fanatics/idiot fans are the most stuck up piece of crap I have ever discovered, I just had to. You want flames? There's your flames. So why don't you just go to my personal blog and read up on what I have to say about this nonsense of "OMG flames" and "Prime doesn't have a mouth" trash. For Peter Parker's sake Prime can have a armor skirt a la Warrior style and people will still be saying "OMG GEASS PRIME HAS GIRLY SKIRT". Joke's on you hackjacks. (Note how I didn't say "every TF fan".)

Original pic:

Anyways, about my other PS dwibble: it's actually a cool one. In fact so interesting I'm holding off till the best time I am "sane" lol. Keynote: my most recent (and probably last) fansub translation was the To Heart 2 OVA, by Aquastar-anime and Avalon. Girl of the note is Tamaki Kousaka. Stay tuned to my blog for that.

Of course, I'm always finding easier ways of posting to my blog without interrupting work. One way that could've worked was using Yahoo widgets, but of course the coding was bad enough as it is. Another possible way is utilizing the widget's method, by emailing. So hows that for Outlook Express + blogspot eh? Sounds good....just need to implement it lol. And yeah, I'm still busy as like how busy Peter Pan peanut butter is returning to shelves lol. I'll do my next blog about the huge time gap/absence I did.

April 18, 2007

I am 3 days late!

3 days late? For what? Why, that sad announcement I mentioned in the previous post....several days ago XD.

As of last Sunday, I decided to postpone all fansub translating duties till further notice. I cite several reasons:

-A new project with my work came up, and I have to prioritize that.
-With less free time than I had before, I decided to use the remaining free time with watching anime(to clear my queue) and for other anime humoristic concoctions I may come up with.
-Some of you may not know, but I hate typing. Well, just a little bit...not exactly hate, but when you've done that for a considerable amount of times in your life, it get's kind of stale, and my last translation job, To Heart 2 OVA, was nearly 400 lines and I kinda went ballistic lol. We can probably thank Mavis Beacon for that >_>
-And.....my ears are sensitive, kinda like a....rabbit lol. I aim to use my headphones the least amount of times as much as possible.
-(What kind of excuse was that previous one? Lame lol)

Ahem anyways, the main point is, stopping my translation duties does little to free up any free-time I have. I don't game as I usually have done, I don't draw as much as I did before, and well, very little time these days....

It hurts me to have a minor role in fansubbing, as I found it quite enjoyable working with fansubs. Now, I'm not saying I'm quitting fansubs, I'm just stopping translations for groups. Oddly enough, that makes it one less translator in the fansub world with the already low amount of translators these days.

Have any thoughts on my decision? Leave a comment and vote on the following poll, as I now introduce post based polls specifically for the post in mind.

What do you think of mangatron's decision about translating?
mangatron! You betrayed us! Anime will never be the same without you!
Rest well, old friend.
By not translating, you disgrace all the anime girls you love.
You're lying.

April 13, 2007

Welcome to mangatron Ver 2.0 Master Grade!

Ok well not master grade lol, still some tweaks to the templatey I must do, but yeah, new layout designed to separate both sidebar columns to hold their respective items. Also means an entirely new and different way of doing things now. Changes that are noteworthy:
  • -All blog related items are now on the left. Which means if you're looking for something related to the blog, you'll have to look at the left. Like if there's some nice ecchi picture posted here you might find a link to a source on the left....hehehe....
  • -All other special items go on the right. Like polls, ads, pop-ups, troj-.......uh, forget the last two lol....
  • -Now all posts will be tagged, so you can find the related posts using the links at the left sidebar. Don't ask why I didn't do so earlier ~__~
  • -Of course, Chocosis banner of the old blog is gone. Word has it a campaign to erase the "lolitron" nickname has begun....
  • -Note Fate Testarossa banner XD
  • -This blog will be strictly anime and manga based. Posts about my odd life will go to my personal blog, posts about my gaming life will be posted at the Gamespot blog.
  • -And, last but not least, behaviours will change lol.
Now, to answer a few questions:

Q: What happened to you? Did you die?
A: I'm right here lol.

Q: Where?
A: Next question please.

Q: Fate-oh chan <3!

Q: Behaviours? You mean you will embrace the "lolitron" nickname?
A: Ok this is getting out of hand lol....

All new behaviours I will do in the future will be explained now, as my FAQs seem to have failed lol. Notice the links area on the top left? I've linked to the sites I visit regularly. Meaning I read the articles, and I'm going to provide my view of them here. Yes, all news/updates and anything I see these days I'm going to provide my insane/crazy view on them. lol. All part of the anime humor title I wish to resurrect. And, look at the right. Notice two oddly cute girls one on top of the other. ......No, not the yuri way, I meant one image above the other lol. Now, I know this is weird, and don't ask how I found the site lol, but it's one of those things that let you create your own, ahem, girl using pre-made templates/images like shirts, skirts, pantsu and.....wait, I never seen the last part lol....ahem anyways, the whole process doesn't take even 10 minutes, and who knows....I just may make a whole plethora of them lol. Favorites and newly made girls will go on the right, and NO! They are not LOLI lol XD. Site is still beta, apparently. So why do I bother using this site? Well, I draw manga now and then, and I find it amusing creating a new design for a girl every now and then. Who knows,I just may create a cute design from this site and use it in a manga lol. Next new "behaviour" of mine, I was thinking of returning to the Photoshop side of me. You know, like that Sayuri Amamiya pantsu I made. No, I don't intend to do de-clothing like them dudes at Ozaku Getter, but the kind of Photoshopping like.....what I said earlier lol.

Polls will be added to posts that are opinion based, like for instance, my episode summaries. And anything crazy I may concoct. Polls will also mostly be "What do you think" kind of polls, although that may change.

Well, that seems like a lot. I must have alot of time on my hands, ja? Well, this sunday I am going to make an announcement, and, as a spoiler it may be a sad news kind of announcement lol. But, if you pursuade me to re-think this "sad announcement", maybe I'll think it over, huh?

Once again, I am back, and remember to update your links! http://animangatron.blogspot.com. Silly Blogger, for some odd weird reason won't let me re-use the old domain I used. Also, if you're an Animesuki Forum member and someone who is passionate about anime as I am drop a comment on this post so I can add you to my buddy list. Right now I'm compiling a special list of people that I will reveal the purpose of later, but even if you're not an Animesuki forum member drop a comment with your most used username and forum/site location of username and I'll add you to this "Special list". What is this list anyways? Hint: I hear some of you don't have as much money as others...

I never did say what happened to me, right? Go to my personal blog to find out what happened to me.

List of changes:

-New 3 column layout derived from a Final Sense design
-Added: mangatron's locations. Links to forums/sites I am a part of.
-Added: Danny Choo, Moe-yo!, Gunota, Dalong banners
-New gaming stat added: Delta Force Blackhawk Down
-Added: Gamespot badge
-Added: Resource links
-Added: Post tags
-Added: Polls
-Added: Anime girls created at Doll Wizard.

Have something to say about this new layout? Drop a comment and vote your respective vote on the poll at the right sidebar column. And don't forget to visit my personal blog as I have alot to explain as to my absence for the past two weeks. Also, all IM options have been removed from forums and the like, I had one bastard who IM's me telling me to feck off lol, without bothering to tell me what to feck off and where XD.

March 31, 2007

I'm not a lolicon, there's already a lolitron.org lol...

...You know, despite all that I'm really screwed lol. So I've recently finished researching Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~, and although I haven't compiled everything together, I guess I really have had time well spent lol. So, next up while I prepare for the mass blog attack in store for the month of April, I will showcase a few School Days related pictures for the upcoming School Days anime. So, for the ones who stalk me only to say "Hey lolitron!", here is the picture that can sink my boat lol:
Image filesizes are large and in charge. Download if you have the bandwidth.
Friends (or those on my animesuki forum buddy list) can ask for the non-watermarked image, but then again you'd ask for the photoshop file, wouldn't you? XD Ah the world we live in lol....

And something that, contrary to some of the game's darker endings, is quite a happy picture:
You know, you are a pervert if you spied their pantsu on first image load...although you are a oppai-con if you were able to identify Kotonoha's breast in a split second.....lol...ahem, anyways, yes, striped pantsu is a win-win situation- AHEM I mean stockings are adorable- Er I mean gosh darnit, what am I saying lol...I seem to torpedo my boat with each sentence I type. So, uh....yeah, my marketing campaign for School Days has just begun, and this is only the beginning! Beware the mangatron ^__^

Yeah, I collaged the Hikaru image compilation above. Painstaking, quick photoshop job lol. So you want to know where the rest of these images come from, ja? Chances are, you've already seen them, but if you want more, hmm....there is this very nice School Days manga....uh huh and it's so cute....aha yeah and it's.....if you want more, I guess you can leave a comment on this post, no signup needed so post away and let me know, if mother nature does not induce a nosebleed into me I just may torrent it...lol...

And, another update on the mangatron's blog here. Nice, huh?

March 28, 2007

New post of March! Already April? Geez Louise Franbouise....

And so, my drive to create a mass blog attack has been renewed. With my place in fansubs deeply rooted, I've been thinking of something I've been neglecting for quite some time now: my anime humor. Sure, I've been showcasing it very much at the Animesuki forums, but I think it's time my blog takes over the humor and I'm just going to go all out. And well well, what do we have here? My first anime humor attack starts with Tokimeki no less! And what do we have here?

My girls of anime, that's Sayuri Amamiya!

That is her! With some panchira(pantyshot) for the fans lol....

I knew it. I knew it all along. It just had to happen, and to the goddess herself! Who's Miss Perfect now, Bitshoujo? XD

Ah, my mind is a terrible thing to team up with....and, don't forget to visit my none-anime related blog here. New update on what I bring with myself when I travel. Isn't that one handheld gaming system too many? lol...

The above Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ screenshots are property of their respected owners. That includes the mangatron if he's sane enough lol. Image originated from yours truly, not ripped from 4chan or some other bloody site.

February 17, 2007

2 Groups!?? Isn't that too much? lol

My aching body aside, I've a bit of news concerning my status in the field of fansubs. Many of you have known that the group Ryoumi kicked me out citing.... whatever the reason was lol. So while I helplessly floated around IRC, enjoying my vacation GNU-fansubs owner-type of dude Power2All decided to go to the Ryoumi website and see what my profession is lol. So he sees me blubbering something in the GNU IRC channel, to which he raids me and asks if I can TLC(Translation Check) [un-named series]. So, I figured I'd take a look at [un-named series], to which I realized the raw was 400mb lol. But, I do seem to find the series fascinating, so I decided to give ep 01 a crack. Then, not long after deciding, pichu over at Ryoumi tells me Spinal agreed to have me back, to which he adds "as a TL/QC". Translator and Quality Control/Check? Something I did with Venus Versus Virus 03 re-translation must've made them come to this conclusion lol.

So there you have it, I am now assisting two fansub groups, which....I hope I don't conk myself out. Because, I am trying to heal myself after all, and I feel my time here in Germany will come to a close soon and I just may.......hang around in the months to come.

February 14, 2007

So it's the new years, and where's my anime humor? lol

Yeah, I know. In case you didn't hear, January I was sick to the point where I couldn't eat anything and I could barely sleep. Not that I have been sleeping lol, but truth is, I think I'm in worse shape than I currently think I am. See, lack of nutrients and energy really crippled me, where I then easily sprained my foot, and, of course making it harder to walk. But oh, it didn't stop there. Not only was my shoulder flaring up again (see archive for post about my shoulder), but it is now affecting my arm, which forced me to put it in a casty thing for several weeks. It's getting better, but then it told me something, if I hadn't been sick, I would've been traveling all over Asia by now and just totally crippled. So i'm kinda glad I'm getting this time to heal myself, I sure would not have liked it if I got crippled while traveling, it would've sucked major.

So yeah, I'm pretty much homestuck until I heal up, so for now, no traveling. Which, brings us to something else in mind. With Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ episode 19 airing, I have certain things to discuss lol. First up, episode titles for 20-22.

Ep 20: Desire
Ep 21: Christmas (eve)
Ep 22: New year

Hmm, quite the festive thing going on lol. Wonder who's going to spend the holidays with who....

Anyways, some Sakurai x Sayuri stuff to throw around. So, episode 19 once again keeps up the tradition of the "Sakurai x Sayuri fire" that's been burning my butt down for the past few months. So, to add more fuel into the fire, here's our first screeny:
Ah hell, we can't tell if that's them, can we? Let's zoom in on the atrocity at hand lol:
Ah, yes, that's them. Seems they are both laughing about something. Wonder what it could be...Sayuri-chan is preg with his baby, hmm? Or perhaps they are thinking about their honeymoon....hmm hhhhm, or maybe they are thinking about their wedding plans, and who to invite....well, if they do, they surely won't invite Aoba lawl.....

So anyways, what makes the scene gold is what Aoba is thinking, like if it's true Sayuri-chan is a slut, a slave for Sakurai's student council bidding XD. Whatever it is, they look happy, except...when Sayuri-chan turned her head, looked in Aoba's direction and....lolz Aoba scrams, but what is more golden, is as soon as he turns the corner, he goes "...blah bah blah oh, a Dolphy keychain! Mina-chan will mate with me for this!" lol....

Uhm, yeah, whatever I was trying to say, Aoba sure cannot be serious about a relationship right now. Whatever it is, he can't keep his mind on it, as this scene definitely showed. Bad Aoba, no wonder why you made Mina-Mina send 245 pm's, you didn't even remember you have a phone, much less her number XD.

Below is a backup of the AS post here.

[QUOTE=Owaranai Destiny;826108]Is it all right for me to say that you're batshit crazy, mangatron? :p

Oh well...Tokimeki is full of madness, anyway. Perhaps I should adopt a way of viewing somewhat akin to yours. Makes everything more fun than just seriously talking about who's going to end up with who. :heh:

TsukasaxMina yuri pairing=:naughty:[/QUOTE]

/me happy with the turning of events. Now Mina and Tsukasa can team up, kick Riku's and Sayuri's butt and then my dream TsukasaxMina couple will commence :D

...As if :heh:

/me hangs Mina banner alongside Tsukasa's. Hurray! :D[/QUOTE]

You know what, I think I better stop feeding this Tsukasa x Mina-Mina yuri pairing to you guys....I don't want to be held responsible [b]if[/b] it does happen :heh::heh:

And yeah, call me anything, crazy, insane, but....don't call me lolitron! I'll be angry! You don't want to see me when I'm angry :heh: :heh:

So, anyways....where was I...Oh, that's right. I NEED TO RANT ABOUT MY FANSUBBING STATUS!!! :heh: No, just kidding :p So, I was.....somewhere, yes, that's right. Normally you'd see me here an hour or two after airtime but of course, me taking my leisurely good time I kinda...fell asleep yesterday :heh:

Aha, that's right. Mina-Mina. My beloved Mina-Mina, oh how I.... WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG :heh: :heh: Here, have a looksey into the past:heh::

So, if ep 18 didn't really emphasize it yet, the prayer starts to have it's affect. (Yes, I know. Biggest story of ep 18 was.....THE SAKURAI x SAYURI MOMENT!!!XD No just kidding...biggest story was the Tsukasa-chan drug-use and it's portrayal on national television :heh:) Ok ok the biggest story of ep 18 certaintly wasn't about Mina-Mina :heh: but we can bet now that the biggest story of ep 19 was, of course.....YET ANOTHER SAKURAI x SAYURI-CHAN MOMENT!!!!XD ok ok, I hear you I'll just take my Sakurai x Sayuri musings somewhere else and cry myself to shame :upset: :heh:

Hmm, kinda funny me talking about ep 19 outside of the spoiler box, eh? Well you should remember that I am very much not the spoiler type, and since this episode is very emotional for perverts, I figure it's best you watch for yourself. Wait, something was wrong a couple of words back....:heh:

So anyways, about that link I posted above, since fansubs are out at this timeframe, it's...safe. Seifuku.....ahem, anyways, my question in...question is, episode 11. Yeah, read my above link and you'll see I was very bothered by the lack of continuity that ep 11 had moving over to ep 12, how I was bothered by the use of the phone numbers 9only once?) and considering now I will drop a bomb so massive, it will make Chernobyl look like picnic :heh:

[color=red]-[/color]In episode 11, what? You want me to spell it out for you? Re-watch it again you lazy butts :heh: ahem anyways, ep 11's biggest story.....Sakurai x Sayuri!:heh: Ok, ok next time I mention that infamous pairing again you can all slap me XD but ehem, biggest story was....the prayer! Yes, that's right! The "I want Aoba's phone number, so I can call in the CTU and have them trace his location and give me updates every 5 minutes on my phone" prayer Mina-Mina had :heh: (sorry, two hour special for 24 yesterday, couldn't resist :heh: ) I'm sorry, am I drunk? That did happen in ep 11 right? :heh:
[color=red]-[/color]So let's all go back in time and re-watch ep ...08! Yes, you heard me right, [b]re-watch it[/b] you lousy Mina-chan fans....I ought to slap all of your buttz for making me type this much, I have a hurting hand you know. Anyways, think back...yes, put your fingers pointing to your heads and think! Think with all your might! What happened in ep 08? Well, once again, like the above paragraph, the prayer! Yes, that's right, the prayer that Mina-Mina had! Except we all know what she prayed for, for Aoba to be a real man and call her Mina-chan, ja? Well, that's not my point right here. Yes, that was me slapping you in the head, that is [b]not[/b] the point here. Believe it or not, it's what she said [i]before[/i] that. Remember? "I want to set a record on my own, not because of a prayer"(retranslated lol). And then next comes "But if I were to pray for something...."

See where I'm getting at? She's not really good with prayers, it seems. It's either she's too young or she just had some bad experience...earlier?:heh: So she really doesn't like depending on prayers to help her get through life. Now, we can see it wasn't exactly her cup of tea, praying and all that. But whoa ho ho, she ups and prays in ep 11. She wants his phone number. Ok, let's do a phone number swap Nintendo Wifi style. [[color=red]spoiler[/color]]"Wow, we have each others phone number, let's just use it once before ep 18" :heh: oh, lookey here. It carries onto ep 19! Oh no, Mina-Mina is just distraught at her phone, tirelessly pm'ing and calling the bloody Aoba, all to no avail....until he charges his phone:heh:.

So you see, everyone. Moral of...the day is "Be careful of what you wish for" :heh: In Mina-Mina's case, prayer wasn't her cup of tea. While she succesfully drank tea the previous two times, the power of her worries soon took it's affect, which shows why she didn't want to pray about her swimming, for fear of her failing. So if she had not prayed to ask Mr. Aoba for his phone number, [[color=red]spoiler[/color]]we wouldn't have an episode 19 filled with the largest cell-phone bill in anime ever :heh:. Get what I mean? This is the basis of Mina-Mina's story; She's young, she's frail, and when she makes a prayer, by god whoever is involved better make good on his/her part or else we'll have yet another crying girl :heh:

Now, I shall build a spoiler box for my zany insanity is just beginning :heh:
[spoiler=Episode 19]Ok, I decided to keep my Sakurai x Sayuri musings off the forum and on my blog, kinda helps keep my blog active so I can start blogging again. Now, we all know Mina-Mina has had a rough time the past several hours, and guess who decides to ruin my day.....yes that's right, the enemy of the Tsukasa x Mina-Mina pairing, Mo-chan! In case you were not paying attention to the loli, Mo-chan is the pink haired hime who is Mina-Mina's lifelong friend. Anyways, first words off her mouth was..."Hey, Mi-chan." :heh: ARRRRR!!! She totally ruins the Tsukasa x Mina-Mina pairing! I must....wait, I pledged not to mention this pairing ever again lol, for fears of me being right, if even :heh:

So, hmm what else did I want to rant about....Oh ja, Mina-Mina at one point decides to take a trip down memory lane. Now, Anime taught me well that when someone takes a trip down memory lane, they soon enough take charge and resolve their worries [b]very[/b] soon. Seeing Mina-Mina finish her trip had me thinking, she's gonna drop a bomb and Aoba better not defuse it :heh:

Next we have.....wait, what else is there to talk about this episode. It's all about Mina-Mina, so I better just keep it at that. Must resist urge to talk about gift shop moment between Sakurai and Sayuri-chan :heh:....So, uh.....yeah, Mina-Mina was very hurt this ep....Uh huh and then she is just so tiny, so cute....yeah and then I.......And when she.....

AH UHM WHU WHAT? Sorry, I think I just dozed off there. I don't really like spoiling, so forgive me. Instead, I'll do just what I've always done, drop bombs and make ya alle blow yer silly minds out :heh:

Now, for the first time, I know the real reason why Mina-Mina must speak with the Aoba!

[b]She's pregnant!!!![/b]

Ok ok, you all can shoot me in the azz, but seriously, I noticed this at first run. Took me some getting to get the screeny, but yes, that really is Mina-Mina. Now, this is the scene where she was watching the Dolphy show, and as soon as she got up all hell broke loose in my head, and voila, I go on a berserk spree and think all sort of weird stuff. But of course, this was the first thing I thought of, that she was preg and....needs a father :heh:

[size=1](ok ok, we can cite animation quality as the factor in the picture, but really, it sure looks like it. The circled region is where she has the baby, and the red line is what a normal [b]virgin[/b] would've looked like. And [b]NO[/b], this wasn't photoshopped....except for the circle and line [/size]:heh:

What? This is what I mean by keeping an open mind, by having weird thoughts my enthusiastical viewing of this anime is puckered up and my enjoyment levels are at their all time high's! :heh:

Ahem, back to the ep....oh, that's right. Oh, look, one of my favorite moments!

[b]Look out Mina-Mina, they are going to attack you![/b] :heh:

[spoiler=continuing the above spoiler]Uh, yeah, so....lol uh, oh that's right! Another thing. Careful everyone, I may just embaress you to the point where you may not post for days :heh:

Now, remember how I told everyone how I just may end up being the greatest Tokimemo fan? Uh huh, and then I thought, "you know what, right now I am Mina-Mina's greatest fan right now." Oh, you don't believe me? Here, let me explain something that, I may blame my enthusiasm, will either make you laugh or cheer :heh:

You see, during that, ahem attack scene above lol, for those of you who have watched it, or seen [b]monir's[/b] screenshots, you will note that scene when Mina-Mina puts forth her tiny cute hands and touches the glass, starting to cry. At that very moment, without impulse, I stretched forth my hands, yes you read it right :heh:, while the episode was running, I stretched my hand forward [i]and touched my LCD where her hand was[/i], and at that very moment, no it wasn't a Benny Hinn feeling, at that moment I suddenly felt such a stab that I almost started to cry along with her (Can you imagine, the almighty insane mangatron crying? :heh: )

That, my friends, is the power of a true anime viewer. You don't just sympathize, you don't just "aww, poor thing", you don't just "Man, I want to hug her right now", no you don't even say "Dmn that Aoba, silly bastard made her cry that bloody bloke..." :heh:, you need to reach out and understand the character, feel what the character is feeling so that you too can understand the feelings and the story that will ensue. This is why I enjoy anime so much, because to me, it is just much more than entertainment :) (I can probably thank my sad, odd childhood for this)

You know what, why don't I help everyone. I will give you one large azs screenshot of the scene in question. Now, everyone save it, open it in a image program that can enable fullscreen (irfan works nice here), and once it's fullscreened put your hand on her hand, and look into her eyes for several seconds, you can close your eyes if it gets kinda awkward, but think, that's the most important part. Think, think about what she is feeling right now, if you were in her shoes.....[i]wouldn't you just like it if the person you were thinking of, be on the other side of your hand touching you?[/i]
[URL="http://h1.ripway.com/mangatron/handsup.jpg"]Save this image, and feel the feeling of Mina-chan[/URL]
Think about it.[/spoiler]

So yeah, the Sakurai x Sayuri thing will go right on my blog, devoiding this forum of my shame and power :heh: Visit my blog for more fire for the Sakurai x Sayuri bonfire, episode titles for eps 20-22, and more about me lol.

Aw come on, don't you just love it? Konami keeps slapping you in the face with these Sakurai x Sayuri scenes that it makes me.....*bloorgh*

/me vomits :heh:

And shame on you [b]monir[/b], you failed to mention the Sakurai x Sayuri-chan moment in this episode, especially when it was the most powerful sign yet!:heh:

January 24, 2007

A new year, and 23 days later....

...a new post. Wow. So much for my resolution for keeping my blog a real part of my life. So, to start the year, I'll chronicle a few things that led up to this post.

Pardon the late update, as the posting date was when I created this post lol....
  • Sad as it may sound, I had a recurring sickness similar to one I had several months ago last year, something that changed my eating habits and may have prompted a drinking problem I still face as of this day. Well, I couldn't eat, so naturally, I drank lol...but not the kind of drink you may be thinking about.
  • Also, next month will also mark the 1 year anniversary of my time here in Germany/Europe. Granted, I was born and raised here, but it was several years ago that I left the old Germany, the Deustche Mark Germany, the Germany that I loved. Upon hearing of this EU I kinda hated this country, but who am I to say, I guess I am just....too troubled by the past that I had, a very sad and frustrating past that I've tried so hard to forget. And, it kinda works as I now have very little memory of the memories I sought to forget.
  • Sad things aside, I am looking forward to make this year a year where I will try to change the future that is laid out before me, the future that the past has made, and the future that I will be most happy with. The first thing I will try to do is establish the anime humor that has made me likable throughout the internet, and next I wish to use my voice impersonating skills for something I've been planning for months, even before I took up fansubbing. Something hopefully I will carry out and be established with my portfolio should I attempt the career change I had in mind for quite some time now.
And, with that said, those are just the tip of the iceberg for what I have planned for 2007. Naturally, I aim to make anime the same part of my life it has always been throughout the years of my life. So, to finalize my word on this post, I'd like to start the blog upgrades with some things I managed to accomplish in art/anime or manga related contests I've entered and fortunately have won something of worth.

  1. February 2003 Local Library Art competition regarding a cover for a Teen Brochure (Runner up)
  2. 2003-2004 Won a couple of Megaman Battle Network merchandise and Astroboy merchandise through local events.
  3. Christmas 2005 Garage kit Japan's Christmas lottery (First place prize) Which was a Fate Stay Night model kit. You can see it below:
  4. Hobbyfanatics 2005 Winter Contest in which my entry was a special one, albeit it an odd one when it comes to sculpt. An alledged Thai cast of the 1/6th scale Takako Kinoshita Pia Carrot Dim Sum model kit. It is large, heavy and I entered for two reasons: 1, I am a heavy Pia Carrot fan, 2 I wanted to make my first professional looking model kit a Pia Carrot one, and a Takako Kinoshita one at that. A image for oggling purposes. (Random winner)
  5. With 2006 as the year of my "exile" in Germany lol, I was pretty out of touch with contests back at home. But that didn't stop me from racking up my latest achievement, albeit probably a small one but a big one for me. Manga Academy's "WTF happened to Manga Academy" contest, where we do a 4-koma, or 4-panel comic in a vertical manner. Having oddly failed at Animenation's similar contest a few years ago, it was a nice win for me, albeit a kinda unbalanced one...(First place winner)
And so, I expect to add more updates in the days to come. One other reason is I'm waiting for my dad to bring my imported Nintendo DS lite from home, as both my parents went back to the US and decided to let me have Germany all to myself.....well, with my two older brothers to watch me and make sure I don't drink myelf to oblivion lol. So until I re-acquire my other DS lite, I'll hold off on that other post I wanted to make concerning "what kind of a traveler I am".