October 15, 2009

Luminous Arc 2 MVP test results

Guild Job Bug Hunt
4 witches in T position in the order of Althea, Luna, Dia and Sadie.
enemies: 4 beetles, lvl16 909hp, 2 lvl17's 953hp, 1 lvl18 1123hp.
-Weapon loadout:
--Luna: lvl99, Aquarius Fan, Chiron Hood, Rev Robe, 2x Vitonic, Meditate, Mage Qn. Heart, Deluge Crystal.
--Dia: lvl98, Hyperion Baton, Chiron Hood, Pure Robe, 1 Vitonic 1 HolyFeat, Star Crystal, Meditate, Skanda Garment.
--Sadie: lvl99, Horn of Anemoi, Gold Headband, Rune Coat, 2x Vitonic, Storm Crystal, Meditate, Storm Crystal.
--Althea: lvl99, Simurgh Wand, Princess Crown, Quad-Cape, 2x Vitonic, Blaze Crystal, Nirvana, Blaze Crystal.

Purpose of test: test movement totals, test 1 hit kills versus 2 hit kills, test damage inflicted, test enemy defeated, test movement times, test same MP attack versus number of uses.

Let's enter the conclusion gate shall we?
Here is the log:

Sadie moves 4 squares.
Althea moves 4.
Dia moves 4.
Luna moves 2.
Sadie moves 4.
Althea moves 4.
Dia attacks w/ 1 Bright Arrow lvl16 beetle, no kill, 823 damage from estimated 807 damage. Moves away 2 squares.
Luna moves 3 squares.
Sadie moves 4 squares.
Althea moves 3 squares, Bullet Fire 1 hit kill lvl17 beetle 967 damage from estimated 959.
Dia Bright Arrow kill lvl16 beetle 810 damage from estimated 807, move 4 squares.
Sadie Wind Slices lvl18 Beetle 1051 damage from estimated 1031 damage, move back 1 square. 13 total
Luna Aqua Hammers lvl17 beetle 892 damage from estimated 891 damage, move 2 squares. 7 total
Althea move 2 squares.
Dia moves 4 squares.
Sadie Wind Slicing kills lvl18 beetle 1040 damage from estimated 1031 damage.
Althea moves 2 squares. 15 total
Dia moves 4 squares. 18 Total squares, 5x moves.
Luna Aqua Hammers lvl17 beetle 898 damage from estimated 891 damage.
-Dia is the winrar. Bonus TEC+15 MP+15%

Action data:
Dia: 18 Total squares, 5x actions, Total damage inflicted: 1633.
Sadie: 13 Total squares, 5x actions, Total damage inflicted: 2091 .
Luna: 7 total squares, 3x actions, total damage inflicted: 1790.
Althea: 15 total squares, 5x actions, Total damage inflicted: 967.

-Inflicted damage varies due to attack direction, irrelevant since we graded "damage inflicted"
-Roland takes no part in battles, moves as far as he can away from hot zone.
-Most strongest MAG: Luna 373.
-No characters received damage.
-All characters use their first art due to same MP usage (8).
-No items used.
-No character performed "Wait" command.
-All characters "Meditated" their lost MP.
-No criticals performed. Right, as if a 8 MP magic attack can critical...

From this test we can assume that:
1. Most powerful does not equal a guaranteed MVP.
2. 1 hit kills do not equal guaranteed MVP.
3. Most damage inflicted does not equal guaranteed MVP.
4. Level of enemy defeated does not guarantee MVP.
5. The better stats do not equal guaranteed MVP.
6. The more turns AND the above added do not equal guaranteed MVP.
7. From the assumptions mentioned above, we can then assume that:
-The more spaces walked increases chance for MVP.
-The MVP candidate does not have to be the highest level in the party.
-The MVP candidate does not have to inflict the most damage.
-The MVP candidate does not need the best stats.
-The MVP Candidate does not need to expend the most MP.
-The MVP candidate does not need to perform the last kill/action.
-The MVP candidate does not need to kill the highest level enemy.
-The MVP candidate does not need to 1 hit kill every enemy.

What this test does not cover is whether or not damage inflicted has any affect, whether or not healing has an effect, whether or not item usage has an effect, or cloning actions by near identical characters to truly decipher whether or not highest level does play into all of this.

This has been a low level test of the game's mechanics.

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