February 23, 2010

Let's repost my figure collection!

Hmm, oddly enough I hadn't realized that my old posts about my figure collection seems to have gone the way of the dodo, so let's showcase them again!





Yeah I like them butts and I cannot lie, all the little figures I can't deny...

And, let's answer questions that arose after its first unveiling several years back:

-These set of pictures were taken before the Gundam Model showcase.
-The figures aren't there permanently, as the Gundam Model showcase shows. The figures were lined up for the picture taking, so don't be surprised as to how am I supposed to use my computer there (which in case you were wondering, that is my second computer, the main one is too large and too powerful to be shoved under the table like this one is)
-As the pictures explain, I am a big fan of Pia Carrot, with those a part of my prized possesions alongside the Mahoraba figures, which were purchased from a friend on those same Animesuki Forums.
-As you can see from the lack of Gundams, the mass amount of Gundams were purchased the 3 months following these shots, all of before I went to Germany.
-The Microsoft Trackball was my choice for several years before I moved to a thumb based trackball.
-That's a 17 inch LCD, at the time the highest for a consumer.
-Wait a minute, I'm going way off topic lol...
-Back to it, you can easily spot the garage kits I personally put together. Not my very best, hey, I was new at that alright >_>

Da Capo!

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