March 14, 2010

Omamori Himari Animated Gif's

Well well, long time reader of the manga first time viewer of the anime, wait, this isn't a radio show...

The following gifs are friendly for the Animesuki Forum Avatar rules. If you use these, or post these elsewhere, please, link back to this post/blog. You know it takes time to make these, and i could use the exposure :D

*currently used by me at the Animesuki Forums

The following is a tad too large for Animesuki Forums (yeah, 5 years ago lol, seems they raised the max size to 50KB...)

 You'd probably notice that these are mostly from episode 3. I would've wasted my time on the trivial ones like Himari's berserk eye, but it's time consuming lol. But now I feel like making more. Ah, as time allows...

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