May 22, 2010

Second Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou 4koma

So... I know it's late, but wowser am I tired. Anyways, here it is, round 2 of my Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou 4koma.

So, a teleporting Soga Keena... I'd like to see that. Or should I now say I did see that? Episode 08 ruined the surprise!

 This is why I was waiting for episode 07 to air, so I can confirm if Keena's invisibility is mana based. Which we see it is, so that confirmed my earlier suspicion that she can use invis while flying. As if it wasn't so hilarious enough, episode 08 confirmed that she can fly while invisible o_o;

2 weeks ago I had this thought, why doesn't she fly while invisible? Given that she can fly quite fast, she can give the illusion of teleportation, by simply going invisible, flying to a spot close by, re-appear, invis again and rinse and repeat. Now I don't know what's more of a surprise, that I knew she was going to fly invisibly naked, or that she really can o__O*

I guess to elevate the wait for this 4koma to come out, I figured I'd share with everyone how I do things. You can check it out here: How the mangatron draws his 4koma

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