January 7, 2013

Momo Deviluke swimsuit figure

As I wind down operations on this blog due to bad timing with statistical reports (totally my fault), I thought I'd share something thoughtful.

I had a chat with some fellows in Crazy's Manga shoutbox (edit: that was a few days ago before it crashed), and the topic of the day was Lala of To-Love Ru Darkness, or rather the lack of her.

Some feel it is quite odd seeing little to no Lala at all in the latest manga series, and I too expressed my feelings on that subject (I feel Lala is now a joke character, tossed to the side). It didn't take me long to realize though that Lala was Trouble, specifically the one that started all the Trouble in To-Love Ru Trouble. That was her series, and now it's time for some darkness, hence the lack of Lala. At least, that's how I want to think because in the Darkness series, it's usually her gadgets that get more screen time than herself, which could simply mean once again she's providing the Trouble part of the series, but her part of the story is done and now it's onto the road to a harem. Remember how Trouble ended? Yep, harem ending, but hey, instead of ending like every other harem anime/manga did, Darkness' story is focusing on bringing that harem to life instead of making readers think Trouble ended so openly.

And hey, Momo get's another figure, so that's not so bad now is it? Look at that frilly bikini, and THOSE LEGS, and she may not have bomber big boobs, but she's okay in my book :D

Don't forget, I'll be focusing on this other blog from now on.

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