June 22, 2007

Health problems again, less eating, etc

I'd feel like a zombie by now. I swear the past 1-2 weeks I'd only have put about 1 meal's worth of food in my stomach. So let's say, a normal human being has 3 meals a day, right? For 7 days = 21 meals, 14 days = 42 meals. And yet here I am at 14+ days = 1 meal. Ouch. No wonder why I feel weak. Not getting enough nutrients. Which, probably has an effect on how much anime I watch. Can barely laugh during those good times as it is. Which has also affected my work performance, I don't even remember the last time I opened Photoshop. And yes, I still have to release that oh-so-special picture I finished 2 months ago. Why am I even holding onto it....

And, a rather disturbing update. It appears blog readers prefer I watch MSLN StrikerS. Why, may I ask? Is it because of that "loli" option that was in the vote options? >_>

I swear the next person who calls me lolitron will......will get $10 dollars from me via Paypal! [insert AnimesukiForums :heh: emote here]


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  1. Have they even visited in real Lolitron's page. Hmm... although you are just asking it ;) with these changes...

    This looked bit empty, so I decided to comment. Or you haven't just approved any...heh...


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