June 8, 2007

ChevyAutobot game, Transformers, etc....

Ah, so many things to do and so little time? How do I end up in that situation?

Got the top spot back at the ChevyAutobot.com game, and doesn't look like I'll hold it if that POPUPimous Prime keeps accepting new user challenges. A person in contact with 2advanced.com told me email verification is not in play. Hmmm..... and I'm the one who's been playing that game since it opened to the public.

A copy of my ChevyAutobot stats are at the left sidebar in the Gaming links area.

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  1. ei hi.. got passed by coz for some chevyautobot reason.. hehe.. just started palyin yesterday.. and you might could help me somehow tru your tips..:p saw your record and "WOW!"

    hope you could help me out.. :D


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