January 26, 2009

Yet another Luminous Arc2 Ayano shop job

Hmm, someone uploaded my previous Ayano 'shop job to Danbooru. As if I wasn't living there when the first danbooru coded website took a dive.

This next job has me doing a bit of zaniness out of nowhere. I had this great idea to use the previous photoshop job and with a bit of camera tweaking, an hour or two on photoshop we have this:
It's a smaller res than the previous image because blowing up a DS screenshot is like asking for a natural censor blur on the end product. I know some people can't help but bicker about censors in h manga, so this is staying at the present resolution until I have the heart to upload a sicker one.

And you are probably wondering why her hands are quite large. Well, it's like that in the original image, so go fish. I did wonder how does Pop's 14'ish year old hands fit in that sleevey gloves of hers...

What with my photoshop jobs being uploaded everywhere with no small piece of credit I'm inclined to fix my Tama-nee Lord of War parody optimized for imageboards. These things take time you know, and not many people can spend the time to do a quality photoshop job like this. Tiny little mistakes like pixelized edits mixed with the smoothness of the original image gets frowned upon these days.

Next time people, credit the shop job to the original 'shopper. Because we all know who drew these things in the first place, but it's also a matter of who took the time to work on it as much as it extensively has been done.

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