October 8, 2006

Announcement 10-07-2006

Yes, I know I haven't been to the forums recently, well, I haven't been active online for the past few days for that matter. Truth to the matter is, I have something I want to tell everyone.

I've just learned that I have a Rotator Cuff tendonitis (search it online if you don't know what it is) on my right shoulder. Well, I've had it for quite some time but I only recently looked into it seriously. The pain was just too much to handle, and it sort of took the life out of me the past few days, which is why I wasn't active online. I'll need to have x-rays and MRI's done to confirm it, but so far the diagnosis is correct, I have a Rotator Cuff injury and I will need surgery to repair this before I lose my arm completely.

It's no wonder why I'm such a good artist, although I am ambidextrous, it's my right arm that I use to draw, due to the fact all my life it has been the weakest arm of both my arms. Only until recently did the stress get to me did I realize, for the first time my shoulder really hurts.

So, I may be less and less active online due to my shoulder problems. I'll admit, I have had health problems since arriving in Germany months ago, and my depression was at an all time high with me and the current job. Watching anime, reading manga was my only escape from reality, and I think I have been enjoying myself too much to realize the pain in my shoulder. Anime and manga was the only thing making me happy, and the time I spent on the animesuki forums is one of the happiest moments of my life. Radiosity, Xellos-_^, Dragnfly@ Gamefaqs, I enjoyed posting alongside them, and I thought I'd just mention them for the laughs I had while posting. With the new season of anime upon us, I thought I'd take the time to enjoy anime on a more acceptable level to my health. This isn't goodbye, trust me once I get my shoulder back to normal and a new career, I will return to being the mangatron that everyone knew, and loves.

Till then, wish me "Ganbatte!" and alot of luck XD

For the Rei Ayanami figure post, go here: http://animesukimangatron.blogspot.com/2006/10/rei-ayanami-look-to-your-left-no-your.html or you could just scroll down. Comments welcome.

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