April 21, 2012

Now that's more like it

Let's have fun with photoshop shall we:

KARMA! Stalk my waifu Saki-chan = spirited away >:D

PSA: Remember folks, always look left or right when crossing the street. You never know when an asphalt colored car might be rolling down the lane and if you didn't look properly, you'd get road rash'ed. This has been a public service announcement from the mangatron.

Next up, Gundam AGE joins Highschool DxD as having a character who suddenly got left out of the screentime:
Seriously, did he ever get back on-board the Diva?

Oh, and a few days ago I was doing something wrong. Instead of correcting both of my eyes (the glasses), I figured why not just correct only my left eye and so I created a temporary solution to my inability to focus:
I took a right side from a non-magnified glasses and put it into the right side of the magnified (+50) glasses. Now my left eye focuses a lot faster than without the glasses. By the way those are my Gendo Ikari glasses. Well, not really his, but the orange tint looks a lot like his :P (the glasses were designed to ease the readability of text, so don't worry about my world looking a lot more orange, it actually looks normal)

I noticed something too, if I remove the glasses, and try to focus my bare left eye, it's a lot quicker than before so I think soon enough my eye will return to normal, I hope so because it's a little weird wearing a half corrected glasses @_@

And if you're wondering about the banner, I was surprised that much of this month's (last month's) Megami and Nyantype was dominated by Winter series, and hardly some Spring series in the mix. So there's no poll for now, hopefully next month will have a lot more Spring posters to choose from.

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