July 9, 2012

First order of announcements

First of all, happy belated 4th of July, Americans. As the top visitors to my blog, I salute you all :D

Now, down to business. Let's get some things out of the way, I have been fighting off recurring symptoms of that cold I had last month, which I have been repeatedly warned that if left unattended, it could lead to pneumonia. That's how bad my coughing has gotten the past few days, and I have been working on preventing it from escalating. You might recall this is the same situation I was in Spring of last year.

2nd order of business is, that my plan to save up for a new lappy has been postponed due to many, many factors, including the above health problem. I shouldn't have to note that saving up for a laptop while leaving myself to die is a totally fruitless effort :P

3rd order of business, after 2 years of cooking, I will officially announce the end of all current XDA-Developer ROM cooking, as with the death and replacement of the phone in question, I feel it is no longer necessary to perfect what already is perfect enough. This of course leads to more time freed up for other things, which I still will remain at XDA-developers in taking over Android OS development from others. That though will not be a full time allocation of my free time like the way I spent on ROM cooking, so that makes my life a bit easier. Except for the part where I need to clean up all the kitchens that I have left over, and that is thousands and thousands of files to back up >__<

4th order of business, I will work on finishing up the postponed photoshop jobs that have been neglected on my Wordpress blog, and once those are released, I have been contemplating leaving the photoshopping scene until my health gets better. As you can imagine coughing makes any sort of work difficult, and my constant use of a mask during work-work leaves me tired enough to want to recuperate on my free time. Some of you may recall that I am a big Max Payne fan, and despite waiting many years for that, I have yet to get around to playing that game (meine gottfried, games just keep taking up more and more hdd space :x) Heck, I don't even know if that will play on my laptop that I am borrowing, so maybe I need to get a new lappy after all >__> So if it wasn't apparent, yeah, I'm really lacking in free time. It's somewhat sad too, there are at least 10 or more requests a day at moe-pic, and I had the unfortunate chance to read one particular post there and the fellow said: "There's not many crafstman" (Photoshoppers). I have to admit I've been highly demotivated due to my health, but you would understand it best in the words of that lady in Mechwarrior 4: Mercs put it, as some XDA-developers also agree, that sometimes these things aren't "a lucrative investment of our time". Not that I want to be paid for it, as I have been battling my health since 2006, but as an XDA-Developer Chef, I understand full well why my fellow XDA-Developers up and leave due to the many, many demands of the masses and very few thanks for your hard work. I used to think it was a joke when a Developer disappears, and folks say the CIA kidnapped them, but I don't think it's a joke anymore. Well, the CIA part yeah, but the disappearing part? It's not pretty. Sometimes we can't face them after all that hope was built up. Me, I intend to leave no trail of destruction in my wake.

But that's not all. 5th order of business, the most damaging thing that I have neglected since Spring this year, was the trail of HDD's that I have neglected when my previous laptop died on me (it corrupted a large portion of the main drive, in which I had to save what I can by plastering the files across several other drives.) The reason why this is disturbing to me, is because I am still using a portable 3.5 inch drive. Try reading that again, and imagine me, the traveler, with two 3.5 inch drives (mainly used for work backup during my time in Germany). One of them an 80GB (eventually retired), and one of them a 250GB drive, whose retirement was postponed due to the untimely demise of my Vaio. The original plan was to transfer all 3.5 inch HDD content onto my Terabyte HDD, but my VAIO's main drive had to be transferred to the Terabyte instead. And I left it like that ever since. I have yet to bother with it, and I intend to  get back to it as soon as possible as it is getting ridiculously tiring having 3 external HDD's attached to my lappy (I use another 2.5 inch drive to complement the Terabyter)

And, that's all I've got right now. Next order of business is clearing up blog drafts once and for all, as I hate typing them out and then leaving them unfinished due to other things that pop up in my life. So that will lead to me being a little more active online now, since it's really tiring looking at these millions of files that I have and I need a break sometime. Which leads to me having to find time to watch Anime..... oh bugger lol

By the way Sankaku, you forgot to mention the Sena oshiripad? I am most displeased. No wonder why I don't visit that site much, if it weren't for that feed on the left I wouldn't even bother lol. Now I get my news directly from JP connections, so I'm not missing much :P

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