June 30, 2012

So I can't Become a Pervert

Because I already am! Gyahahahaha :P
In case it wasn't apparent, I've got that fever, that kind of feeling where I love a girl so much, I end up posting about her a lot.

Did you know the artist for the novel of this series has a webpage? What's cool are the pictures, everyone likes pictures, because I know I do :D
A more complete version of novel volume 7, though not as clear

I know I said I'm trying hard not to seek out these pics, but the zettai ryouiki was too much for me to control. The rest of the gallery can be accessed here, which is a gallery of other works besides Dakara H (due to the artist's portfolio, I will mark the site as NSFW). And this artist even does hentai manga/doujins, I actually didn't know that until today. While I do find some of those works questionable (I'm a vanilla man :P), I feel ashamed for not recognizing the art style before. Guess I'm not a pervert yet XD
I want her to sit on me too~~. See, to me, a girl doesn't need big boobies to sit on me, a cute butt is all she'll need :P

Look at that haughty pose, so dominating and full of love XD

Oh, and cup sizes for interested parties:

Still, you gotta admit Risarisa's zettai ryouki is a winner in these pics <3

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