August 18, 2012

Ani Site updates: Aug 18 2012


So, one of those promotions again when you buy the DVD/BD release in stores, depending on the store, you could get either a telephone card, or desk mat, etc. More info here. Hard to decide between the bath of the 3 princesses or the bathing of Brioche, darn why can't Brioche Hina bath in the anime already....

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

Well, I haven't been on this much, but there has been updates to Game #1 for Boku H. Stages 09 & 10 have been added, and great scott, it's considerably more harder with the rewards actually being.... screen shots >__>. To be honest I would have preferred some more of that original artwork.
Stage 09 wallpapers
Stage 10 wallpapers
Don't forget the new airing dates, starting August 28. (more info) Also, I didn't mention it since, but Game #2 is complete, if that even is a game :P

Hagure Yuusha no Aestetica

I know I was vehemently late with this series, but I'm not too late I hope. So even this series has a game, which looks like it was animated by the Highschool DxD fellas. A flash game of course, where you choose the  bra of the girl in question. Which is played by clicking on the button to stop a rotating line of bra's.

Too big....

Too small...

Player no ecchi!

 Congratulations, it fits! You will be greeted by some bouncey boobies (sorry, green-haired Kuroneko).

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