August 17, 2012

RE: the controversy, an old dog trying to learn a new trick

Today marks my first dive into Photoshop CS6, which I was unaware of the amazing changes they brought to the table. One of the most notable changes I saw right away was the darker look of the program, which greatly, immensely lessens the eye strain. I had thought of putting aside photoshopping after I finished up Sakuno, but now that I like what I see, I can't wait to finish Sakuno :D (I intend to finish her tomorrow!)

You can try Photoshop CS6 here, which is a trial. Glad I got to try this before I make any serious commitments to this, and here I thought CS5 was decent enough (albeit it blinding me for months). One other nice change in CS6 that I like: GPU editing was optimized XD

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