September 15, 2012

My ongoing HDD troubles: cont'd

Today I've been incredibly bored out of my bleeding mind, I've scanned the heck out of my drive and decided to regen the bad sectors.
Look at those delays.
I didn't even feel like watching some anime, I mean what the heck the entire Summer 2012 run up to last week is on that drive, I don't even feel like watching Sword Art Online because of that, so I ended up reading manga and H manga. Ahem, even that bored me out, so I decided to revisit that interesting Fujitsu drive that died on me earlier this year.
Now that looks bad.

I have to say, after looking at that drive, my WD 1TB is really fortunate. What I faced earlier this year dwarfs the problem I currently have with my 1TB, to think I was booting from such a drive, I'm surprised I even got any files out of it. Granted a huge chunk of my personal files were corrupted, but right now my WD looks like a cake compared to that mess.
That's a lot of error.

And you know what? That Fujitsu drive still works, files can be retained on there, and I even get it to boot into an OS. And according to HDD sentinel, that drive is at 0% health. My WD is reported at 89% health, so I think the problem is not as bad as what I faced earlier this year (a lot of files were lost to corruption.). Not to mention, a quick surface scan indicates the WD is not physically damaged, most in part due to my gentle care, but yeah, the situation right now doesn't look to bad.

What is bad is if you noticed above, the hdd regen process ran 6 hours and only 0.03% completed. It looks like my original estimation of 8 weeks looks more and more nightmarishly real now. And it's really damping my mood. In case you haven't guessed by now, I'm really unhappy. Unhappy it had to happen to the newest drive I own, incredibly unhappy this had to happen on the eve of the Yukikaze episode, unhappy that many of my most rarest of files are on that drive with no idea if they are still good, I've been trying to lift my spirits because really, I don't want this ruining the one chance Yukikaze has to shine, but it's really taking a lot on me.

My oldest hard drive, I believe it's a Toshiba 80GB IDE that was in my white laptop, that drive still runs through the brutal life it currently is running (ever since 2005, the drive has never rested). In Germany I really grinded that drive to bits, and it's still great as ever. My second oldest drive, one of the 3.5inchers, also lives, and that has seen constant use since 2006 up until Dec last year when the 1TB replaced it. Even my other 3.5incher still lives, seriously I've gone through several different manufactures from Samsung to Seagate, and this being my first non-desktop WD, I'm sure you can tell why I'm incredibly wary of them right now.

I thought of consoling myself on the fact that maybe I bought a model that was affected by the Thailand floods, but this is a 2010 model, not 2011 >__>

Maybe in time I will be back to my chipper happy self, but right now I am not. Here's hoping Yukikaze will awaken my hentaitron powers with the next ep.

Speaking of being bored, reading my About Me page scares me. That thing looks like, like an obituary or a biography for a dead guy, what the heck I'm not dead, sure I'm not happy right now but I sure as heck ain't dead. And that's all in part because of the past 4 months, I've been really been spending maximum effort on my health, I haven't had a headache since July all thanks to increased sleep times in exchange for less anime time, which is why I haven't been watching much series lately. I've also been eating more healthier, which of course has the side effect of costing more but hey, I'm glad it was just a drive that failed me and not my kidney or something, if I hadn't been taking care of my health, and have some sort of organ failure, my belongings will be the least of the problems.

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