October 26, 2006

Megane! I'm a.....wait, I'm not a megane-con. I wear glasses too lol

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And so, for the first time in awhile, here's the next topic I like to poke at:

"What the heck is that picture above?" is what your saying. "It's a contact lens" says I. Yeah, that slightly perpendicular white object situated against the dark bkgd. The controversy begins.

Topic: "That anime scene you didn't really notice"

Series in question: The Chocosis Hypothetical Thesis (Ok, jokes aside, Chocotto Sister)

Object in question: Contact lens

Introduction: So we have contact lens. So what, they exist in this world, yay, but, hoorays aside, why is this such a big issue with me? Well, the Chocotto Sister anime is based off the manga with the same name. Now, I have seen contact lens mentioned in manga before, and which would probably date back to the day when contact lens were created lol, but, the Chocosis manga, didn't touch up on this subject. In fact, it was only later in the manga when we get to see Kanririn-san's past about her issues with glasses (as opposed to the anime version, where her past was shown the same episode she was introduced). That aside, I was really surprised to see contact lens used in this episode, much to my amusingly amazed self I was instantly shocked. Normally this is something I wouldn't be bothered by, but I just had to....

Part 1: The shock, the awe, the....

...do something about my shock. What shocked me? Well, look at the size of those contact lens. If you don't know, let me refresh you mind (yes I purposely misspelled "you" lol):

Ok, in case you haven't seen this episode (03), it's that white-ish thing on....on h.....o...on her...HER OPPAI! (breathes heavily). Nice,...big oppai at that.....Ah hell, if you don't what oppai means just compare the white-ish object with the previous picture lol. Anyways, oppai-con's aside, those contact lens look very small....in fact, thats how they are in real life. They're so small, so tiny....you could swallow it for all I know, but my issue is....her, Chitose's eyes, are....anime-ized. Big....like her oppai XD. Bah, my splitting bowels aside, I was wondering with all my mind, why are the contact lens that small? Why aren't they the size of....her oppai if I must say so lol. Why, is it, that her glasses are bigger than the contact lens:

Ah, so, the contact lens must go.....where the white reflection on her eyes are! Yeah, that's right! Why in the blue, green and brown earthlingish world of a misery didn't I think of that before? Oh right! I did LOL.....that was the only logical explanation I could think of! Is this the end of my gripes?!? I think not...

Part 2: Contradictions and the ability to do so...

...because, this is a big issue with me! What, you never met me before? Oh yeah, I never did meet anyone lol....anyways, in the episode she lost only 1 contact lens. But as we can see when she looked at Mr. Kawagoe her entire vision was blurry! If I was the animator for that scene I'd have made half her vision blurry. Oh, but in a way both contact lens' might have merged together when they fell....wait, how in the Nintendo DS GPU is that even possible?!? Oh wait, when she crushed it with her hand there was only enough piece's for one lens! AAAAAAAAAAA....

Part 3: Conclusions, thoughts and....more gripes lol


In the end I was only discouraged by my inability to come up with a logical answer...well, Chitose-chan is cute....lol no wait the topic in question is the contact lens. So what we have here is contact lens in anime, a somewhat too small contact lens at that. But truth to the matter is, I've decided to drop my accusations....gripes...whining...what the hell, whatever it is I just have to accept one truthful cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-diefrycry fact: this is anime. Seriously, would you have expected to see a big azz contact lens shown in an anime? What would the optics stores out there say when you ask for such a big....thing. lol. For all I would care for is at least use a magnifying glass for contact lens LOL....

I'll say I'm somewhat semi-happy. To be honest, if I was in charge of this episode, I wouldn't have shown contact lens. Well, the manga did a fine job with not having to deal with contact lens'. I understand the differences a anime has as pertained to it's manga counterpart, but I would sure as hell not put someone like myself in such a situation as I'm in now. lol something sounds so wrong about that....In the end of it all, I enjoyed the episode, and I look forward to Chocotto Sister's end.

Final word: I'm really crazy. I don't know, sometimes I just notice little things AND be bothered by it at the same time lol. I wear glasses regularly (actually, my eyesight is great. I just wear these rare Gendo Ikari style glasses because my Eye's are delicate, as so much as to protect my eyes rather than help my eyes XD) and I was interested to see Chitose in that episode. You can probably guess my shock when I saw the contact lens lol. Overall, if you want to know a bit of my mind, try this: watch the entire Transformers Generation 1, season 1, 2, 3 and 4, and write down every mistake, miscoloring and wrong sound you can find. Then you'll know how I feel lol.

Comments welcomed!

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