October 23, 2006

So an update after...well, don't look at me, blogspot went down for a bit....

I'm listed as "anime blog humor" on del.icio.us's keepingitreal section by Keeping It Real o_o;

And yes, my shoulder still hurts, I've even felt paralysis at times -_-*

Well, here's to a new look and some revamps. I've finalized my top banner (finally!), made the sidebar a bit more lively, and, well....hmm, I've decided to separate the site from me, the real me, the personal me, from the anime me, manga me and just plain anime manga me lol.

So what else changes do we have here? Well, I decided, after much deliberationalized debate, to choose Makoto and Choco from Chocotto Sister as the top banner. Soldier man defines my ego when in anime and manga mode lol. So your probably wondering why I, Mahoraba's greatest fan, chose Chocotto Sister as the series for the banner. Well, aside from being several thousand miles apart from my Mahoraba posters (Which I could have used for high quality), something hit me when I saw the image being used now. They just look so happy those two, I just couldn't resist. Sure, I'd get nosebleeds and have a craving for an Umeboshi orgasm if Kozue-chan was up there (LOL), but....something about Makoto and Choco is just undeniably cute....as for Image of the week, it will change every week as oppose to what it may say lol, and chances are there's bound to be some cute picture that you've never seen in your life. Trust me on that lol....although for some odd reason the size is restricted to a 195x195 size...I guess you'll have to bug me for the original size of a picture that you see amusing >.>

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Kozue-chan freak. Just need more figure support lol...Next up on the changes list, I decided text link for the sidebar was a bit too, how do we say,...plain? lol so I decided to spice it up a bit with banners and such. Don't worry, if anyone is stil on dial-up these days, it won't take long to load. Although, if I have some free time later I can squish the sizes even more...but, for now, I'll leave it be. I've also change the order of appearance for each section of the sidebar, important ones up top and least important ones down low. I'd appreciate it if you guys can click that google banner on the top, I get some nice things out of doing so. Don't worry, just one click a day is fine...lol...and I recommend Play Asia for their list of merchandise that has even me tingling in my nerves. I myself have bought from them, and I will say the service was nice and fast. Shipping was so fast when the mailman came by the door I was wondering what in the world that package was lol. And if your a figure maniac like myself, I recommend Hobby Search garage, nice ponts system they have as well. Although, I have yet to buy from them (due to my current location), they do have the best selection of anime figures and they do seem to sell out real quick with all the popular figures.

Ah, next up on the changes list. I've always thought there's a time and place for everything, so I decided to split my real life experiences from my anime/manga experiences. So, the sister blogsite is "The man behind the mangatron", banner link on the right. What the site will focus on is anything that is not related to anime and manga, and I'll also, once I can set my schedule right, is showcase a little of my voice impersonation. The real life people I can impersonate is a somewhat short but interesting list, so look forward to that. I've also set up a page for my ebay picks for the day, which I'll have to get to work on that too lol.

Next on the changes list, the topics in question, now that my blogging has been split in two. The previous list of topics can be found here. New topics will strictly be anime and manga based, and anything related to anime/manga. I will also prioritize anime and manga humor over episode/series reviews, seeing as how other blogs cover the latter well. But, I'll do Series reviews so that others can know more about the man behind "the mangatron" lol.

So, with all the anime I watch and all the manga that I read, the next topic will sure to get your head turning and brain spinning as I show you the lighter side to watching anime and reading manga ^__^

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