June 29, 2011

RE the Controversy, Dog Days TRUE ending cont'

Little rant: bloody hell connection what's the matter with you lousy freakin broadband took me 1 bloody hour to upload these I hope you freakin company get bought by Chinese oil conglomerates /rant

Ahem, I need to stop with these photoshops that break poor Milli's heart. I'm sorry Millimeter! Don't cry! XD

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  1. "final"? that means no more D-Days photoshops? ah, such a shame...
    I'll be looking forward to your summer season photoshops then. you're going to do them, aren't you?
    don't make me regret the +rep I gave ya...

  2. RE: the controversy will live on, so yeah, as long as Summer 2011 has something I really want to enjoy, then we'll see :D

    Thanks for the rep, just need 1 more to see if my test works out ;)


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