June 3, 2011

Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi episode 08: I like them butts and I cannot lie

Seriously, this was a bootylicious episode. Not mentioning the high
amount of camera pans for a beach ep I've seen in recent years, this
episode was great.... except for the freaking zombie. Honestly, Ayumu
is ruining everything you thought about a harem series. He is
effectively the butt end of Daigo's fantasies, from cosplay to day
dreams. And the zombie is popular with the girls, probably more so
than Kazuma is. Or at least, the zombie has the better part of the
cast of girls. In previous eps we see he's the object of affection of
MY Hina, and now we see he's captured Tsumugi (in Daigo's dream), but
even more so now the zombie knows Tsumugi's (secret heh). Let's not
forget he's got his own personal escort in Kasane-chan lol.

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