July 8, 2011

Mayonnaise Chicken Episode 01

Makes me wonder if I ever tasted chicken dipped in mayonnaise. Aside from a chicken burger anyways...

But I totally got the MM! vibes from this, mainly of the guy getting beat by the girls. And really, that's such an obvious pairing right there, a girl dressing up as a boy, what a perfect medicine for a guy afraid of girls. Where have I seen that before... amusing that they called him a chicken, considering I already decided on that.

I still enjoy this series though, my M tendencies aside, as the girls are so purrty (Subaru in hair down girl uniform mode). I am hereby awestruck by Narumi. May the world know this day that the mangatron hath fallen for Yukikaze all over again XD NARUMI IS MY WAIFU AWHOOOOO NICE BIG EARS

Yes, I have not read the manga. Yes, that is an egg head decision and yes, I don't think I will read it until the series finishes airing lol....

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