July 23, 2011

Mission Impossible: Boob Protocol

This from the trailer alone, is this the new scheme? I know I tried to make my top banner something to look at, but this should be a first for the Impossible movies. In the first movie, it was just basically 1 girl, but even she wasn't much of an impact on the movie. The 2nd movie, was also just 1 girl, who seemed more like a bond girl to me than just a girl caught up in that mission. The 3rd movie had more than just 1 girl, which may have started this trend. Maybe they figured enough with just 1 girl. let's add more.

Oh, and there was that small audience reaction to the Eminem music in the US trailer, so I suggest you see the Japanese trailer to see why. I have to say the Japanese trailer tries to sell me a Mission Impossible movie, while the US trailer looks like just another action movie.

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