January 17, 2012

Scrambled update Jan 17 2012 again

That's from Hong Kong (which they imported from Japan of course), which in all my years of eating Pocky it's the first I've seen of the gold box (I previously tasted only Strawberry and Regular Chocolate).

While we're on the topic of snacks, I've been meaning to ask about this:

Sorry there's no picture of the actual pastry, but that's what it's called, and if you're wondering where it went, I ate it already :P

I want to know what the ingredients are because it's Green lol, of course I would choose that over Chocolate, Strawberry, mango etc. And what does Pandan mean? :o (This pastry is from Max's Restaurant, the Corner Bakery that is)


  1. Pandan Rolls LOLZ.

    Pastry dude! Pandan is a type of grass harvested for it's subtle flavor. Used when cooking rice or making buko-pandan(a dessert like fruit salad).


    Warning:No matter what others tell you, YOU DO NOT EAT THE GRASS. SERIOUSLY, UNLESS YOU WANT TO CHOKE.

  2. Wait, I ate a grass roll? Are you kidding me? :P

    I ate a grass pastry all because green is my favorite color. lawl I should have gotten the mango roll XD

    But that Grass Roll wasn't bad... :D

  3. Yes. But this isn't just any grass anyway. It's edible, like bamboo.

    And LOL, Max Restaurant. That has got to be the most expensive chickens ever. There are cheaper shops that offer chicken just as good.

    Well, at least you enjoyed it XD


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