May 8, 2012

Feel my birthday again!

It's V-E day!

Ah, I'm another year older. Before you guys start with those grandpa jokes again, I'm really not that old. Heck, I'm not so far gone that I can't get married anymore, but I'm certainly not young. In fact, I'll give you guys the first hint ever (if you haven't been reading my posts carefully on Animesuki): I'm not even 30 years old. (Yeah that's right, Malkuth senpai :P)

Here's the kick though: for a person of my age, I have been awake more hours per day for nearly 2 decades. I started brainstorming at the age of 8, and since then the continued use of my brain per day was incredibly high, culminating to my first foray into the corporate world at the age of 15, where I got on average 7 hours of sleep, and at age 19, to beat a deadline, and travel hundreds of miles to the next state, I broke my record by staying awake 2 days in a row without any external help whatsoever (like, coffee).

That's when March rolled around this year, and for the first time I tried to slow my life down. I somewhat failed miserably, as I didn't exactly know how to have fun fun, and that's when I had that eye accident in April, and then I really had to tone things down. Now I'm not full time anymore, though I wouldn't call myself a part timer, considering my adviser role. But I definitely have more free time to do things, and to figure out how a person like me is supposed to slow down my brain processing speed and instead just do things.

My birthday is one of them. Odd fact: I celebrate this day alone. Not because I am alone, what I mean is that it's a day I chose to spend alone, as there is practically no longer anyone who remembers this day, not even my own mother (god bless her busy self). It all started when my mother, who was (and still is) a business woman, told me that we're no longer able to celebrate birthdays as events and such, and that I should instead be happy every day, and not just one day, that I am alive and well. And she told me that if there was something I wanted, it's better to get it when I wanted it instead of waiting for that one day when I may not want said thing. I read that as my mother being too busy to take care of things, which my father was also busy working as well.

And I like it this way, because I like that it's a day I get to decide what I want to do, and not do it in a mass party planning kind of thing. Sure, I'd like to celebrate with a few friends, but some died, most went to different countries/states, others,... just memories. But for the longest time, I'm glad that I'm still alive, and to me, my birthday is a day that I have passed a year of living, and am grateful to be alive, to still have at least both of my eyes, and to have two hands instead of one, I'm really grateful.

Of course, it's also a day when I get to do some silly stuff, like my age old tradition of firing up Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits! If you don't know what the tradition is, read here.
Noooo! don't hide your breasts! I'm sorry, I just wanted to touch them, I meant no harm! Don't hide themmmmmmm....

Oh I love it when girls fold their legs, yes I do. Watching them change positions is even better!

My carts certainly do not age well. On the left, Feel the Magic (my oldest cart, which is a launch title btw). I have read error problems for FtM, where I insert it and it cannot be read. Those scratches hurt my prospects, where I have to really rub it in to smooth it out. Can I replace these, Nintendo? Or do I have to ask Sega? :/

And since my birthday is super special with my birthplace being Germany on Victory Europe day, I play a round of Company of Heroes to celebrate my being able to be born in the Federal Republic of Germany, and not Nazi Germany.
I like Skirmish mode, and my favorite map is Vire River Valley, because it's the best map for playing "tower defense". What I do is blockade both bridges (you can see them on the left and right side of the river), and totally defend the middle road, which is the only road into my territory. I play a 4 player match with the AI to increase the fun, though my AI buddy is sort of useless in being fodder for the enemy AI lol.

Oh, to start my day, I got into Tasogare episode 05.

Best anime episode I've seen on my birthday :D On the other hand, the strangest thing I've had to do on my birthday yet: photoshop some bounce into Seraphim:

Why they didn't do that in the first place, I'll never know...

I also added my about page, for anyone interested in more intricate details of me.

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