December 20, 2006

Chocotto Sister 24, can we have a sequel, Chocotto-nee? lol

Which, of course, would feature a grown up Choco all non-loli and all but, ahem anyways, enough about my doujin fantasies (And I'm not thinking of a H doujin lol), Chocosis episode 24, which is the last, and which I will warn as I have at Animesuki, well, more like I advise that you watch this episode on the 25th of this month, as enjoyment is more, energetic on that day than like what I have resorted myself

So, as I hate spoiling even myself, I'll scene things with their respective pictures, a kind of summarizing that I have done before. Which, ultimately in the end I

We start with... uhm, I had only 4 hours sleep in the last 41 hours, so if I sound off you have been previously notified.

Oh look, she's handing out greeting cards. No greeting needed here though lol..
So this being the last episode, let's toss story aside as what I believe the whole story of Chocosis is basically this, what you see and have seen the last 23 eps. So let's just see everyone for one last time before we return to reading the manga >.>

And, yeah, sorry, above image is Choco inviting the two to a Christmas party.
Psycho-Kaede? Psycho-Kirino? Forget them, how about Psycho-Yuripon lol
In which Yuripon declined Choco's invitation in favor of a meet her father had planned. In which, with all generic rich people in anime he can't make it, which I'll leave to your imagination why lol...which then we get to see Psycho-Yuripon. I'll admit her change of tone and attitutde was enough to stir up even Maid-chan.
Oh, yeah, so you thought Santa has a cell phone? Even dial-arounds are still, "around"
Yeah, well you may not have guessed that was Santa-chan without her festive garb and all, but I say she's cute. Nonetheless. Oh by the way, she is a suboordinate lol.
The gift that keeps on giving, so to speak lol.
Which Chitose-chan, or manager-san, or whatever ecchi label you want to slap on her lol, helps Choco make muffins, which to no surprise Chitose-chan becomes the first target targeted for "gifting" lol.
Choco wins the 2006 award for "Biggest smile that has alot of heart in it"
Isn't she cute? I mean, I died more than 4x24 times already because of her lol.
Yeah, this scene Makoto-chan wins runner up to said award lol...
Which, she should win the 2006 award for "Girl who exposes pantsu outside of her room". And yes, she is the next victim targeted for "gifting" lol.

Orange cell phone? That or the new flavor for Razor-niichan XD
Why did I bother with this scene? Well, I admit for the first time, after seeing alot of cell phones in anime, this scene really stuck out in my mind with the way Makoto-chan handled her phone lol, I mean, that fast button movement. Sure, this is anime and all, but you'd be surprised how many people can do that in this world lol

Aww, those eyes are just too cute. She has the power to literally "melt" you lol
Where Salaryman-san is gifting's next victim. Which, like the previous two giftee's, he gives Choco-chan a scarf. Now, it may not bother you, but it bothered me. For one thing, how can you not notice how Choco-chan receive's necessary clothing from people other than her niichan? lol...

Grocer-san is the next giftee. He didn't say anything...ingrate :P

Hey, Grocer-ojisan and Grocer-obachan are the next giftee's. Hey wait, there's 2 of them...

In her own words, "Bra-chan san" get's one too.
Why, in my weird brain, do we not see Bra-oneechan? Does she need Caution Tape if she is shown? lawl...
Kids these days, thinking ecchi at such a young age. See what anime can do to you? XD

Eye-catch time. Yes, even I need a break too :P

Sigh, I know how you feel Yuripon.... Sleeping girl = the win! LOL

Oh look, see Yuripon? Choco-chan remembers you. She always remembers....

Yes, I know I said she always remembers....
But this scene touched me in more ways than even you can understand. For one thing, my past is something I've tried desperately to forget, and don't you just love anime that makes you remember it? I know, this is why I love anime. It may sound odd, but when anime reminds me of my past memories, I feel at ease. I do, I really do...

In case I didn't make it clear she is visiting Slash-kun's former home XD

I love these 3 girls. Megane-chan, short hair-chan, and....

This girl needs no introduction.
But if you still need an introduction, you are one sad earthling lol. Yes, that's Santa-chan. And no, she's not your's. She's mine :P Funny when she remembered Choco-chan, but of course Choco-chan was oblivious to the notation.

Oh yes, next giftee lol. Touching scene as the Giver received a gift from the Gift, where a reversal of roles takes effect. In short, the Gift becomes a Giver. See, easy to understand, ja? XD

Oh my gosh, Choco-chan grew up! Now if only she wasn't covering her bust area LOL
Sorry if I tricked you, but they are standing on a incline. lol....

Aww, Yuripon is feeling alone, sad and dejected. Takes one Kakeru-kun to get her going.

eh, what would makes the eyes like so? Only one answer: Oniichan! XDDD lol

Naw, psyche. It's Nyan-chan. And she brought her Bose KaboomBox to get some hips shakin'

Seig Heil! :P

Well, you were going to see them sooner or later. No, the old one does not have a "cast" stuck on the backpack.

I sweer, yes that was purposely misspelled, but I say I sweer this is the closest of skin you can get to without Caution Tape. Hint: left-most girl :P

Seems Oppai-chan is in the bath. What, she lives there? My gott I say she does lol

Yes, you were going to see Cafe-san in the end. Seems he found his soul mate >.>

A gift for Maid-chan. no, not the Cycle XD

And I sweer, this is the last shot you'll ever get of her happinesu. Too bad her eye's have been the victim of camera-size XD

Slash-kun apparently got his Gift. Freaky-deeky....

Yes, we were going to see the former manager-san too. Nice scene this was.

I do not need to tell you what this parody's....

Cute shirt. Doesn't that Skull of Heart make you laugh? It sure made me laugh XD

And in case you didn't get the memo, this scene parodied Terminator, complete with music and all. Nice touch to a great end.

Terminator ain't Terminator without a cycle lol. Which, this one flies >.>

And, last but not least, Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did. Well, rephrase. No one can match me, I love this series so much I joined *bleep* just so I can *bleep* and *bleep* with this series.

Comments welcomed.


  1. It seems you and me are the only people in the entire planet who have watched the last episode. What has happened to all the other lolitrons and connoisseur of cute things?


  2. I think they are all stuck on ep 09 lol. The fansubs are kinda behind, although I really hope that we don't release this ep 24 next christmas LOL XD


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