December 5, 2006

Tokimeki Memorial episode 10....Where was I again? lol

Aha, I know where I was! Wait, that didn't sound right...."where I've been"..... ehem, anyways, I've been on IRC and dead, so yeah....been awhile since an update so....

I thought about something....since I'm helping Ryoumi fansubs with Tokimeki Memorial ~Only mangatron~, I thought it's about time I did a episode summary (I surely cannot remember the last episode summary I did....which was probably...Tsuyokisu lol. Anyways, back in my heyday I was known for my unique way of doing episode summaries that had alot of heart, and alot of me as well. And so, not the average summary you'd probably been used to on other blogs, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only mangatron~ episode 10! Let's see if I still have that fire in me!

As if Aoba had gotten used to it back in episode 09, we start the episode with him doing what he didn't like doing in ep 09: painting. Well, not that a brush is all bad, I guess what he is showing here is that he sucks when he is NOT working alongside Amamiya-chan. (Yes, I can call her that. I call most anime girls like that, since they love me and all....*gets killed by various fans*)
How does he paint the bottom of that? Oh right, kick that ladder 49 aside and orz lol

By the way, in ep 09 he was all complaining and all that when he was working alone, but when Amamiya-chan came along he was all....uhm wait, he did greet her then with his patented questionable greeting lol... and so, Amamiya-chan is not in her "looking good" coveralls, so yeah, Aoba takes a few glances her way now and then. Now, we have something interesting here. Sakurai seems to be putting the moves on Amamiya-chan, even having odd reactions towards her. Of course Aoba noticed, how can he not....oh right, he was PAINTING. Not. lol...I can see it now, Sakurai is Aoba's rival when it comes to Amamiya-chan XD
Oh, I always knew Harems had love triangles, how about now, on the girls side of things as well.

Now, a bothering note for Tsukasa-chan fans: this scene is all you'll ever enjoy of her in this episode lol.
Oh, just look at that fool Aoba. How could he show that kind of face after a girl glomps him?!? What I'd give to have a girl glomp

And so, of course Amamiya-chan notices...and all she could do is...giggle? Aw come on girl I know you wanna glomp Aoba so bad lol. You know, no matter how many girls glomp him, he would still look at Amamiya-chan with that bewildered look of his...

So Tsukasa-chan does walk home with Aoba, but yet again she has to ditch him thanks to plot powers. That set's up the second phase of this episode:
The SOS DAN calleth thee, oh great Aoba, man among men...

No seriously, Haruhi fanatics aside, the guys (and when I say that, I mean the stereotypical gang of 3) want Aoba to lift their tab at the local pub. I mean eatery. Restaurant. You know, Denny's..... And so, the guys need to pay back this Mr. Nice guy and show him what friends are for, besides him looking out for their bills.
Note: If you looked at the girl in her skivvies, you are a pervert. LOL. No, seriously. You're supposed to look at the "Work" words XD

Guess who show's up to help this loser bunch: ONEECHAN! MY DEAR ONEECHAN, SISTER OF BROCK LOL. (Don't ask who Brock is, please, don't lol).
She pulls a ninja cloak on them. Oh wait, there were assassin trainers like that in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games. Blimey Konami!

Need a job? Neechan is there for you! And no, she's not the job lol.... she has various doings, odd ones at that, for this misfit group to do. Get you trigger-happy fingers ready and sign her contract, complete it with the Aoba Seal of Approval, and you ready to go!
What they didn't do is read her fine print, not fine at all. But it is fine print if you can't read Japanese, so sucks to be you lol.

Whew, I'm typing alot here lol...(And I have work to do on Chocosis!) So, a quick rundown of things: we have 4 guys, and not enough airtime for all of them. so what do we do? Use our plot powers and eliminate them one by one lol. Do that in the quickest way possible. Enter a convention:
Our first victim is....forgot his name....was it Itchy? Or...anyways, he seems to be the Otaku of the bunch, so he cannot control his....hormones lol. We then have:

Look at neechan. Best. Priceless. Reaction. Ever. LOL.

Next, with one contestant down, is up to the rest of the bunch to do crowd control of a Black Friday sale. It ended up being very black for our next victim:
Anime has shown us time and time again: Never mess with women during a sale day XD

With another contestant down, we have perhaps the most comedious moment of the episode: pick-a-chick time XD And I'm not gonna tell you who you are going to find here:
Oh, look at the detail of these nicely drawn chicks...

I'd use gloves if I were you, mister Doujima-san...

...Because you never know what you're gonna grab XD

Second best reaction of the episode lol

Of course, Hiyoko-kun beats Doujima into submission, further fueling the Doujima-Hiyoko Wars lol. So with the last remaining "worker" left, neechan decides to have him work at a nearby animal shop.
She conspires to have him live hell neechan-style...

This reaction is why I love my new neechan so much

Aoba then becomes Oddjob, doing various animal-care duties, including the popular walk-the-dog. Well, dawgs at that...
I say, if that was me walking those dawgs, I'd have let go of them and pay attention to that girl on the side lol

Mina-chan fans, I swear she get's about an estimated 30 seconds total airtime this episode lol. I'm afraid to say this, but I don't see her being the final love interest at the end of this series if this keeps up lol.

So with the dawg walking over, we find Aoba noticing this peculiar dog. Now, I mean peculiar, because I swear I'd have seen this dog somewhere before, yet I can't remember where...despite all those anime I've seen....AHA! I know where I seen this dog before! You'll remember him guest starring in the To Heart 2 TV series as Konomi's dawg lol. Dmn, Konami is playing mind games with the names lol...hey, that rhymed. lol.

So, Mr. Nice Guy takes over Aoba's body once again and he decides to get this lazy azz dawg off it's....butt 'n belly lol. So he takes this To Heart 2 guest-star to the park, and guess where they end up:

Would you look at that, it's the Amamiya-chan tree!

So Aoba is using all sorts of dog-related toys, pulling them out of that deep, black-hole pocket of his. Look what he picked out of that pocket of tricks:

Is it just me or does Aoba look very creepy in this shot, especially with what he's holding too XD

Well, Hiyoko-kun just so happens to be above on the tree branch watching this poor soul trying to stir the blood of this lazy dawg. Guess who else decides it's a perfect day to walk outside:

Note: If you immediately looked at and stared at Amamiya-chan, then you're a Sayuri Amamiya fanatic. Otherwise, you'd have noticed that odd watermark-looking yellow loco loroco thing at the bottom right first. lol.

So whatever Aoba did wrong, a frisbee was what got this old dawg off and running. We then see the dawg give Aoba what he deserves:

Growlith, Headbutt attack! LOL

And, despite the dawg having a ton of hair obscuring his vision, he can identify the nearest(farthest) female around lol.
In case you're wondering, I'm sure you can see the dawg, but that speck on the road is Amamiya-chan. No, that's not dirt on your monitor. That means the dog is running several miles downhill at full speed lol. And no, the ToHeart2 dawg didn't headbutt Amamiya-chan, he just....licked her...Oh my gawd....Amamiya-chan was licked....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT IS SO NOT FAIR A DAWG GETS TO LIX MY AMAMIYA-CHAN AND I CAN'T XDDD LOL
See, I told you it was the Amamiya-chan tree. Bet you thought I was kuckoo, eh?

So Amamiya-chan and Mr. Nice Guy have a nice, relaxing chat, which brings us to a very important issue. Yes, I am in serious mode lol. Despite the giddy giddy happiness going around, Amamiya-chan ends the convo with her very troubled, insecure sounding voice. It seems the events of episode 07 linger in her mind...which also further fuels the fact that there just might be more to Amamiya-chan than we are shown. I kinda predict that Amamiya-chan will soon burst out and straight-up ask Aoba a very important question. When is only a matter of time....which brings us to the closing of the episode....and I am betting many of you had forgotten my neechan, huh? Well, she's back and she's got the pack of dawgs with her.
My neechan is very displeased with thee, Aoba-kun.

In which she proceeds to release the pack of dawgs on Aoba resulting in him running off like forrest Gump on crack. Conclusion: our last contestant failed the "job" lol.

A odd scene follows with Amamiya-chan....giggling? Aw seriously girl you have got to stop laughing and start, I don't know, blushing or something lol...

Next episode appears to have yet another fateful encounter of Aoba and Amamiya-chan. With the next 2-3 eps signaling part one of the series, it's safe to say that after then I can make a proper prediction as to the outcome of this series. but let me tell you one thing:

ep 11 preview had my spine tingling when Tsukasa-chan was shown. You know, I got that feeling I usually got when watching those other series of several years ago: the feeling that the poor girl is finding herself distanced from the one she loves, and that someday she'll find her feelings running away from her....

I don't know about you, but the ep 11 preview scared the shiz out of me. Do I love Tsukasa-chan that much? We'll find out soon enough....

Comments welcome.

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