December 13, 2006

TMOL episode 11, am I a prophet or what? lol

Dual discussion in accordance with the animesuki posting here.

Yes, I know how I hate spoiling, but wow, did I mis-place my order of the prediction? Maybe I should have joined both predictions together lawl...

-I liked my reasoning for the episode's layout :heh: Swimming related, or Aoba related. Sure, a bit of swimming related bits here and there, but the Aoba bits are, overwhelming lol. No, Mina-chan was not gaining weight :heh: :uhoh: :heh: but I liked the question I asked myself: "Or perhaps she saw Aoba cheating on her by being with another girl, so she prays that it's not true." lol He wasn't cheating on her, but cheating her feelings XD Which, in a way is not his fault, but the others :uhoh:
-So Mina-chan does pray concerning Aoba, not swimming. Contradicts her retort from....ep 08. So is swimming no longer an issue? Perhaps, since Aoba worried her more than the swimming. Enter the next level of romance, Mina-chan :D
-Oh wow, I was right, well, who didn't see it coming lol. Tsukasa-chan was resorted to being a side order in this episode. Although, it is important to note the other level of romance: "that" cell phone :heh:
-I did note something about Sakurai, and he does it yet again. This episode he reinitializes the "Aoba chase", to have an end with a negative factor. Wha?
-Sayuri-chan. Not the happiest person this time around, and we see the Amamiya legends once again. You know, I noticed something....
-What importance did that Summer break have, anyways? We see many things take a hiatus during summer break, only to have the return of school life very much like when the series started. But, the difference now being the love triangle is weakening and and strengthening at certain spots.
-You know, had talked about if Mina-chan wanted to break the sequence from ep 10, she had to take the Moment of Iinterest, which yet again took place at the end of the episode. If you ask me, the sequence was heavily broken as a continuation from ep 10, and it has me wondering about what importance did ep 10 have? Sayuri-chan sure had a nice turn of attitude...
-Which probably makes ep 12 a set-up episode to ep 13. You know, being at the halfway point of the series needs to make a mark on this series.
-You know, in this episode Mina-chan was isolated from the other fellow swimmers. Which had me thinking....are they gonna open up to her later on? Surely they have to, I mean if something drastic might happen, like say, Mina-chan fails her swimming competition, heh anime sure taught me that isolation does not last for the important ones...
-You know, Mina-chan had the same kind of misfortune that Aoba experiences in a different kind of way. The kind of "just can seem to find a chance" kind lol

Why do I feel episode 12 may feel empty.....

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