December 16, 2006

More Tokimeki Memorial ~only love~ info? What is this?

lol... I excel at anime humor, not typing-long-anime-summaries lol. But, word got out that 2 new episode titles have been discovered:

ep 14: Heart Throbbing Transfer Student (Enter the love square lol)
ep 15: Heart Throbbing Reality

Now this is getting interesting.

And, as I stated before here at Animesuki's forums, more research findings I have discovered while attempting a translation of the Tokimeki Online website.

Note: these are not babelfished, or whatever other online translator there is out there online. These are my own translations so remember that it is my sweat and messed up keyboard keys that are written all over these, should you try to rob me of my spent time. So don't forget to link back to me should you post this somewhere (which I do encourage lol).

-In the {translated} words of the Konami Online division President, Kazuya Takahashi, Tokimeki Online is a "MMO system that has no time wasting experience points, where player interaction is the main RPG element present. It is presented as challenging because of a new way of doing things, although it is a new attempt at this sort of thing (game?)".
-He also says that "current players of Tokimeki and new players in the future are [what we had in mind] with the Nipponia ONLINE company, and I think both types of players can enjoy 'Connected friendship, creating love relationships, and extending [ones] school life' (last part, meaning something like "if you want to stay in school" lol)".
-The Producer of the game, who goes by the name of [MetalYuki? lol], says the school in the game was based on the above catchphrase that the Online President said. It seems this game was made with friendship first, education second, and the overall experience of the previous two as the distant third. He also wants the players to "Enjoy life that is different from the real world in Tokimeki Memorial Online".
-By the way, did you know, according to my translation, that Konami was the first to make this sort of game? (MMO School life/community type of game).
-In the game you can enjoy school life all over again (or continue if you're still in school lol), from club activities to becoming the top of your class to finding love and makin' love lol.
-Of course, the game has a "create your own player" interface, as the name implies, you can create you own player, and as they say "With a combination of boy parts and....." girl parts? Oh my....
-Apparently, the game has player interaction, as in walking up to someone and talking to them. Now, I wonder how many marriages resulted from this game lol....

As for some interesting character notes that may apply to the anime as well, to some degree non spoilering.

-According to the game info of Sayuri Amamiya, she is the girl who "The school admires, but she is the Madonna that isn't" lol. Meaning there is some freak, scary side to her lol....
-Her bust size is....a A cup? Oh no I did not want to know that lol....(which is apparently her blood type. Ha, tricked you you oppai-cons lol)
-Height 162cm. Which should be 5 foot tall 3 inches. Wow, I'm taller than her? It kinda scares me and makes me happy at the same time knowing that I can hug her, kiss her, grope her-.....nvm XD
-So says, she has the ability to "make your heart stop", so to speak lol.
-According to the game Sakurai is "the character that you meet first". Apparently, a plot to cripple the student body was exposed, leading to enable Sakurai to activate his plot to bring in female members into the Staff (Student Council).
-Word has it Sakurai did that for a certain girl....
-Apparently from what I was able to gather, Sakurai's feelings were hurt by a distinctive girl's "way of thinking"....further fueling my allegation that Sakurai plays an all more important role in the anime series.
-Although that is what I was able to muster up. Which what I mean is it might not be true, so keep your fingers crossed and remember these words by me...
-According to the summary for Tsukasa Kasuga-chan, she is the kind of girl that is "moved[pumped up] by studying". She is also an energetic girl who falls in love by "having a desire to be in love", or in layman terms she only falls in love when she desires it the most, as the anime has shown us she fell in love with Aoba by wanting "that fateful encounter" of the third kind. Sorry, couldn't help but add that "third kind" part lol.
-She is much smaller than Sayuri-chan, and she also was born on, as the americans know it, "Black Friday" lol (year depending)
-She is attached to the volleyball club. Yeah, ok....
-According to the character creator, lol Tsukasa is "the woman who rules the sunlight during Spring" XD
-I have no idea what the creator means by his Haruhi references lol. I hope to god he does not mean the Suzumiya Haruhi series.
-Now, I have no idea why this was put in Tsukasa-chan's section, but apparently Sakurai and Amamiya (or a girl named Temmiya, possibly episode 14's transfer student?) have "had a fateful" encounter before while doing guessed it, drama. Apparently they were working on something for the drama club and, pure speculation follows lol.
-According to the character creator, Tsukasa-chan's storyline was made into [one of] the love candidates, because it was popular amongst the staff.
-Just as well, Tsukasa-chan was molded after the Tokimeki: Forever with You heroine, only this time they switch hair colors with TMOL's heroine: you guessed it, Mina-chan! Psyche, I meant Sayuri-chan lolz. Thus ending all hope I had for a Tsukasa-chan ending for the anime.
-If I read it correctly, and I say again read, Amamiya usually stands at the center, or in this case is usually in the middle among all the class, and, a legend might have foretold, a popular child will stand in the middle [with her]. Now how, according to them, is this painful? lol....
-As for Mina-chan, she is a de-confident girl, and a generic one at that. Now don't attack me Mina-chan fans lol....
-She was born the day I almost (or should have) died this year. (No she wasn't born this year, I was referring to my situation >.>)
-And she is way smaller than the other girls. Did I have to tell you that?
-She likes anything dolphin, and she is attached to the swimming club. So says the chara creator, she has a "certain dramatic event" (in her life? Oh that's just wrong lol...)
-Natsuiro no Sunadokei anyone? (crippled swimming girl T-T)
-Apparently Mina-chan was modeled after the kind of girl who "defends what she wants to become", or in this case she likes swimming, she's gonna go swimming lol.
-Apparently the chara creator likes Mina-chan lol....
-Interesting bits we have here about Inukai-kun. Apparently he is the type of person who dislikes anything likable, and he usually "works alone" lol.
-And surprisingly, he is clumsy when compared to others.
-One, tall M*beepbeep*F*beeper. lol.
-And yes, he has no "favorite things" and not attached to any clubs lol.
-According to the chara creator, Inukai-kun is "the direct opposite of Sakurai".
-Apparently Inukai-kun plays a role in the Nintendo DS game Tokimeki Girls Side2. Coming next spring lol.
-The chara creator wanted two sides to Inukai-kun, with apparently, his left side of his hair was meant to resemble Sakurai lol.
-Accordinly, he was designed in a way with a gentle looking face, and apparently with a expression that is hard for him to express his true feelings. So maybe he does like Sayuri-chan lol...
-I will add more character info as I see fit, seeing as how right now I have seemingly typed my keyboard to death lol.

Hope you enjoy, and comments welcomed.

Related images (courtesy of TMOL):

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