June 4, 2010

Low level Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou prediction

So I forgot to post something earlier, and while my Laptop is still
running autonomously, I'll post something else instead.

After episode 05 aired, I consider ep 06 the start of the second half
of the series. And it was then that I noticed a similar pattern: each
episode after 05 brought about a pre-intro scene that went in this
order: present day, past.

Pre-OP scenes to start an episode:
--Episode 06: Korone's new mission
--Episode 07: Hiroshi's calling
--Episode 08: Yamato's decision
--Episode 09: Sai's youth

The next episode, 10, if it follows the pattern, then it will be
Present-day, definitely continuing ep 09, which sets up an interesting
point because making ep 11 a past scene would mean something is
finally revealed, and then ep 12, apparently being the finale, would
close the series and the pattern.

Of course they may switch ep 10 with 11 to give us a little more
insight into Keena's mysteries.

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