June 15, 2012

Recovering from a cold

So earlier this week I had a horrible 3 day headache, it got so bad I did everything I could to make it go away. One of those things is maintaining a cool environment for me to sleep in, but I had the unfortunate circumstance of sleeping without a blanket. (how am I supposed to know when it falls off...)

So there I was, woke up the next morning, oh my head is okay yahoo! (Cough). In obliterating my headache I caught a cold. A cold! How many manga I read that said only idiots catch a cold in the summer, and how many anime had a cute girl put a blanket on the protag, and I, the mangatron, did not have a cute girl put a blanket on me and say "geez, what will you do without me" T____T

But me having a cold is not the worst part. The worst, most mentally damaging part of all is that I have to recover without some assistance. Oh what a dream it would be if I was lying in bed, and up walks a cute girl in a pink miniskirt nurse outfit, wearing white thigh high stockings, with twintails and glasses, and she looks down on me and shifts her glasses and says "What do you want you piece of shit?" And then I'll be like "gaah help me" and I weakly reach for her butt and give it a nice fondle, and then she punches me in the gut as she says "Hentai!!" and I'll be like "Aggghhh I'm dying..." and then she'll be dere-dere and say "d-did it really hurt?" and I'll be like "I might die.... but if you press your breasts against my stomach, I'll revive" and then she'll......

Wait a minute, I'm not writing a hentai manga here....XD

What's even worse, I'm falling behind on my anime.

Tasogare: 1 episode behind
Haiyore Nyarko: 1 episode behind
Aquarion ELOL: 3 episodes behind
Acchi Cootchie: 2 episodes behind
Medaka Boobs: 3 episodes behind
Zombie of the Dead: 1 ep behind + ep 00

To name a few. Ah.............I NEED TO SEE SOME BOOBIES there I had to get that off my chest XD

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