May 15, 2012

My left eye is back to normal!!!

It's as clear as day because when I woke up, try the glasses, man does life look blurry. I take them off and boom, am I still asleep, things are clear again! I can tell because I tried it later in the day when I'm really awake and wow, I can focus properly again, I have my high spatial awareness again yahoo!!

And it left a trail funkiness in my wake. That set me back more than a month, and here I was saving up to finally convince myself to see the doctor if my eye didn't get better. Good thing too, now I can focus on saving up for what really matters: a new laptop (remember what I'm using right now is a borrowed laptop lol)

I gotta say what really helped my eye was gaming. Yeah, I meant that, playing video games. Anime was quite tiring to watch, so I was bored you know, so I figured why not play some games. I tell you, if there's one bad habit I have, it's buying games and not playing them. I even left my PS2 in Germany, with a bunch of uncompleted games. Talk about regret, but really, playing games did help because it's the only thing I can think of that has high motion. Well, what is within my limits of course, it's not like I can jump into a fighter plane and fly mach 2 above the ground, maybe it would help my eye but it sure would black me out :P

So gaming helped because most of what happened to me has to be eye trauma. Or shock, whatever it is, I know I was severely traumatized by that burning sensation of that glue on my eye, and the fact I had to seal it up for a bit really hurt me emotionally. So when I actually got to open my eye again, and made those custom glasses, I still was afraid to open my eyes. Just look at my anime viewing, it was averaging one episode a day, and even 1 episode every 2 days. So I decided, as much of a thinking junkie that I am, I also like intense high adrenaline gaming, so what better way to get my eye to not be afraid to see than to put it in a situation where if I didn't want to lose at gaming, my eyes better help me win.

So I've always had this suicidal gameplay style for FPS games, ever since the DF1 days (Have you folks ever gamed on a Windows 98 machine with 64MB of RAM, which is actually 56MB due to shared video memory, and don't get me started on those DOS games), and that suicidal gameplay is highly dependent on of course my high spatial awareness. Granted I'm only talking about single player since I haven't gone online since 2007, but not every single player experience is the same, as Splinter Cell conviction showed us (which I think was a glitch actually).

And honestly, I have that competitive fire again. While I'd like to play online to really get that drive going, I think single player gaming was enough to get my eye out of it's funk and start moving properly again. It wasn't just FPS games though, I even busted out a few mobile gaming via my phone and Nintendo DS. I also was afraid a few weeks ago about how my eye would shape up once I get a 3DS, but now that my eyes are normal, a 3DS might not be as bad as I thought.

Overall, not bad for healing an eye trauma in one month. Well, might be more than a month, but who cares, my eye is back, and it means more.... updating actually. My "about me" page is seriously lacking in details, and I also need to explain that one damaging reason as to why watching anime (a lot) and working with photoshop was more painful than it sounds. Not to mention there's some radical changes to my internet connection no thanks to Mr wireless carrier, so that's coming right up. What also helped was the massive amount of sleep I've been getting, definitely was more than what I've ever gotten the past decade :p

And then the anime I'm behind on, oh the horror. Make that, like 3, or that was 4 series, might be more, but I am behind by as much as 3 eps on each of them. I basically just prioritized Tasogare, Sankarea, and.... gee, I can't tell anymore. I do find myself behind on Sankarea too, so gaaah, it might be worse than I thought :(

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