May 26, 2012

So what happened to my header image?

Well, it seems like I violated Google's code of conduct. Specifically this part:

ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING: As stated in our program policies, AdSense
publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or
mature content. This includes images or video content containing lewd or
provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches. More
information about this policy can be found in our help center (

Now before you folks start LOLing about this, I am very well aware that I have pushed the envelope too far. You might have noticed my header image started becoming very ecchi around the time I created my Wordpress blog. This was a test by me to see just how thin the line is between an adult blog and a non-adult blog. Obviously not a very good test since I was behind on finishing the investigation by two months, and it took Google to remind me of how far I can go without labeling my blog as an adult blog.

So from now on, those kind of headers will be applied to my Wordpress blog, and I will try my darndest to keep this blog as work-safe as possible, which will include hiding ecchi images after the jump, so you'll be warned ahead of time before reading an article about what to expect inside it.

And what was I doing having ads on my blog? Well, as you can see I am trying to save up some money for a new laptop, granted I don't earn much from my blog (close to 0.8 cents a month), I thought maybe it could help. Which of course would help if I had more quality posts being posted.
The image I was going to use earlier this month, but deemed it impossible to use due to the heavy editing that would be applied to Nyarko. Note Tuga-chan with a giant ribbon wrapped around her.

Also, my dedication to Hare from Guilty Crown will also be applied to my Wordpress blog, as I can't seem to find any decent official image of her that isn't naked :P So Kanako will remain on my blogspot blog like before, and all is.... bouncy with the world XD

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