May 26, 2012

An open letter to the team behind Aquarion EVOL

Dear Writer/Director/person-in-charge-of-ruining-Aquarion-ELOL,

Screw it, this isn't a letter, I have kidnapped Crea in the glorious name of the Lolitron, and this is a ransom letter! I currently have Crea at donut-point, and if you do not comply with my demands, she will cry the most moe-est cry mankind will ever know all because you deprived her of this awesome Oreo donut. My list of demands:

1. I demand that Mix be returned to her beautiful female form, return her to Vega, and ensure that her tsundere qualities remain intact.

2. I also demand an OVA of the Vega girls frolicking on the beach with their swimsuits, with Zessica having just electric tape for a swimsuit, and I also demand that Mix have a swimsuit that does not restrict her GLORIOUS BOUNCE.

If these demands are not met, then...... you leave me no choice. I will be forced to feed Crea specially crafted donut that promote growth, and I will raise this girl in the ways of the mangatron, and I will do the most fitting punishment because you all have flattened MY Mix:

I will massage Crea's chest till she becomes even more boing boing than Mix, and then when's she's old enough, I will marry her! MWUHAHAHAHAHA *runs*

p.s.: I came up with the name Mixy first. ransom demand #3: pay me royalties for every time the name "Mixy" is uttered, and also for every time a customer plays back those scenes :P

By the way that Oreo donut was so tasty, why haven't I tasted that before XD

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