October 18, 2011

Mashiro-iro Symphony episode 01

She's happy about something. Well it can't be because she's lost... but wait, she's happy that her oniichan can find her anytime, anywhere. So... AKA she's happy to get lost? :P

My Fall 2011 lineup seems to be full of surprises. To me anyways, as... I basically had prior knowledge of only 3 series for Fall (that is not a sequel), so I consider this season so much more enjoyable due to the way I anticipate new episodes with much fervor.

Back to this series though, I'm going to have to forego a detailed look into the first half, as it was practically 2 siblings who could have used a GPS  :P

Yellow is line of sight, red are dead zones

No seriously, look at the pic. Why in this blue clean world did the imouto hide out of line-of-sight? Never mind the niichan telling her to stay put, but if someone is looking for you, you don't hide, do you? It wasn't even raining then lol...

Not that I have a beef with that scene, as I guess this first half was to setup this season's second blondish Sena-chan. Well I think she's blonde... the colors in this series is unique, at least compared to the shiny stuff this season. And I like it, soothes my eyes, and the series is not an action series, so this calm relaxing slice of life fits my bill.

The ep ends on a rather cliffhangerish note, though. How could a girl be so happy in one moment, and then so... tsun in the next. Ah... at least we get a nice ponytail I love the way she looks like she has cat girls if you look at her straight on.

Well ain't that funny. You've practically got the whole cast in that there shot, minus the girl with the.... weird ball animal.


  1. Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but I just got to see one of your ponytail pics in Animesuki. Could you please tell me what anime's that from?? Thank you :D


  2. It's not off-topic since.... there's a ponytail in Mashiro too :P

    But the girl you seek answers of, she is Seraphim from the series "Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka"

  3. Ohhh.... Thanks a bunch!! Guess I'll be visiting this blog quite often for here on since I need new ongoing animes for this Fall Season *grins

    And um, am not trying to outlay on your tastes but you aware of ongoing series Fate/Zero, right? I just couldn't find it listed but can't help it. It's awesome!! :heh:

  4. Thanks for reading, I'm going to go back to my unique way of blogging, so that should give readers something fresh to read.

    And I am aware of Fate/Zero, it's just that I never got to finish Fate/Stay Night, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to properly watch F/Zero.


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