October 8, 2011

Neighbor's Club group icon poll results

And the winner is....
# 4

Fun fact: I must be the biggest pervert of Animesuki, having been the only vote for #7. Really guys, not enough skin? :P

Anyways, not a bad start to our first Neighborly activity, eh?

Poll results. I know we do have more than 12 members....


  1. #7 had too much meat, better of just with the goth-loli ;)

  2. Eh wha? B-but... It has Kobato in it! And... She has swimsuit! And... You can see her odd eyes! Uhm... Twintail?

    Your standards are too high :P *runs*

    (really though the rest of her side is cut off because the magazine text was in the way)


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