October 27, 2011

Fear sucks.

No, not the negative meaning... I mean literally XD

I figured while I'm finalizing my blog changes, why not have a laugh:



(This may actually be my first animated photoshop job. Granted I only edited 1 frame.... but I always worked on a standalone version.)


  1. Oh man... dunno why, but your GIFs have just become a hell lot better lately. They're nearly on par with what you can find @2ch/vip boards..
    I approve of these "changes".

  2. Haha, I wish I can visit those 2ch boards, I'm sure there's others like me and I should fit right in ;)

    Seriously though, this gif of Fear sucking was done so fast and cheaply, you definitely will see it if you pause the edited frame, and you will then marvel at the hilarity of eye trickery XD

  3. you know what I meant when I said "better" :P


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