October 3, 2011

Thank you Summer 2011!

Easily the worst portrayed girl who was obviously the best girl of Summer 2011 :P

Well, what a typhoon. Flights cancelled, some parts of the city flooded... this time of the year is such a flight risk. But the Summer 2011 Anime season is coming to a close, gee I actually saw a Ika Musume second season ep out already... anyways, what a fun season. Except for idolamAster (which has one ep to go?), I finally finished my checklisted series (though I failed again in per-episode blogging due to my awful connection). But more so than before, this season saw me utilize Photoshop in more ways than I thought I could. Good thing too as I learned quite a few time-saving tricks, as well as hone those skills I grew laxed on over the years.

Another fine point is my poll votes doubled from last season, thanks guys! I wish I had better posts for you guys to read though, but I guess those short and sweet photoshops and what not were good enough. Funny too, as this season saw over 5,000 unique visitors to my blog, again I apologize if there wasn't much to read but it's a good start, ja? Let's see how it went:

Good things:
-Yeah Photoshop! In case you missed it, I went absolutely crazy over Mayo Chiki, some of it amateurish, some of it so real it's hard to tell.
-For once not all of my visitors came from Animesuki, as those photoshop endeavors brought in visitors from elsewhere wherever I posted those photoshops to.
-Thanks for voting on the polls guys! It seems to me there's quite a lot of fans of the big ones eh? This coming from a leg fetish...
The funny part about this poll, Option #2 had like 2 votes. After I posted my Q and A, well, I guess everyone wanted to see Kanade Strip Subaru lol.

Not-so-good things:
-Postponed plans to help translate the Infinite Stratos novel.
-Postponed plans to translate the Hidan no Aria manga.
-Health took a dive early in the season.
-Over the weekend of Sept 24-26, I suffered my first migraine in 2 months. Reason? For almost 3 weeks straight prior, I only got an average 5 hours of sleep (it was usually 4 or less). I may have laughed at sleep, but sooner or later it will catch up to ya...
-Palm Treo 750 fans will find I spent much of September working on the final Version 3.0 ROM. What a way to finally drive a nail into Palm's coffin.

Coming up soon, my favorite moments of Summer 2011 Anime! Look forward to that.

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